• <span>2022-23 Academic Year Program</span>

    #1|2022-23 Academic Year Program

    The academic year program is a non-degree, non-credit program that provides intensive and effective Chinese language training to learners throughout the world. The program consists of three 10- or 11-week quarters and an optional summer term of nine weeks. Classes are held daily at the same time slots from Monday to Friday.

  • <span>2022 Summer Program</span>

    #1|2022 Summer Program

    Intensive language program of nine weeks. Classes are held daily from Monday to Friday.

  • <span>2022 Flagship Summer Program</span>

    #1|2022 Flagship Summer Program

    A 9-week onsite program for students who are affiliated with the Chinese Flagship Program in the United States.

    Application deadline: January 31, 2022 (Taiwan time, UTC +8)

  • <span>2022 Europe-Taiwan Summer Chinese Program</span>

    #1|2022 Europe-Taiwan Summer Chinese Program

    A six-week online program for European students.

    Application deadline: June 15, 2022 (Taiwan time, UTC +8)

  • <span>Customized Group Program</span> <b></b>

    #1|Customized Group Program

    ICLP's Customized Group Program offers intensive language classes, culture workshops, and optional excursions in a package that can be tailored to accommodate a group's needs. Any group of 10 or more individuals at age 18 or above is more than welcome to customize the program to best fit their needs.

  • <span>Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei 2022-23</span> <b></b>

    #1|Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei 2022-23

    2022 - 2023 Program

    Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei is a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month gap year experience for pre-university students who want to rapidly improve their Chinese, immerse themselves in local culture and society, and experience the freedom to grow and make friends.

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