Talks on Chinese Culture

This is the core text used for consolidating basic Chinese for students entering the program at an intermediate level.  The book's twelve topics cover various aspects of Chinese culture, as they evolved into their respective states by the middle of the twentieth century. Each lesson includes a lecture, a pre-lecture dialogue and a post-lecture dialogue, thus the same subject matter is discussed in different modes of discourse.  The essays are interesting, relevant to contemporary Chinese culture and life in modern Taiwan, and originally published in journals, newspapers, or anthologies.

The two chief objectives of the book are to aid the students in making the transition from prepared materials written for textbook use to authentic materials written for native speaker, and to elevate Chinese proficiency of students from daily life functions to discourse on substantive matters.
The strength of this book lies in the repetition of important vocabulary and sentence patterns, thus to build up students' ability to compose sentences and paragraphs, and engage in academic discussion.
The Pinyin system is used in this book. After completing this book, students should have learned approximately 1500 vocabulary, 80 sentence patterns, plenty of idioms, and obtained a good knowledge of both Chinese traditional thoughts and concepts about daily lives, modern society, economics, and current issues in Taiwan. 

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