Juyin Wang


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    National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
    Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
    Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

    National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan
    Bachelor of Arts in EnglishLanguage and Literature


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    ICLP of National Taiwan University, Taiwan
    Chinese Instructor

    Brown University, RI, USA
    Chinese Lecturer

    Middleburry Chinese Language , VT, USA
    Chinese Lecturer

    University of California, Davis, CA, USA
    Chinese Lecturer

    Williams College, MA, USA
    Chinese Lecturer

    Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA
    Chinese Lecturer


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    Boston, Chengzhi Chu, Juyin Wang, Shan Xiang, 2010. Vocabulary Acquisition through Graded extensive Reading. ACTFL Annual Seminar by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

    San Francisco, Juyin Wang, 2010. Effects on Graded Readers to Learner in Mandarin Chinese---a Quantity Research. CLEF Forum by California Language Research Center.

    PoloAlto, 2010. Juyin Wang. Compare and Integrate Component-based Character Net Weaving Method to Character Teaching. CLTAC Conference by the Chinses Teacher Association of California.

    PoloAlto, 2010. Juyin Wang. Transforming Mechanic Drilling into Task-based Language Teaching. CLTAC Conference by the Chinses Teacher Association of California.

    Hawaii, 2006. Juyin Wang. Developing Instructional Materials for Pragmatics-focused L2 Instruction: Targeting Communicative Functions and Ritual Talks. Forum on Teaching and Learning Pragmatics in the Chinese, Japanese, Korean as a Foreign Language classrooms.

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