#12020-21 Academic Year Program 2020-21 學年班

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  • one-on-one class
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  • The academic year program consists of three ten to eleven-week quarters and an optional summer term of nine weeks. Classes are held from Monday to Friday; students can expect to have an individual class as well as three group classes of three to four students each day.

    In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting travel restrictions worldwide, ICLP is offering an online track for students who may have difficulties traveling to Taiwan for the 2020-2021 Academic Year Program. Admitted students may choose to enroll in either the Physical Track or Online Track, and must inform ICLP of their decision by the track selection due date.

    Track Selection Due Date: 2020 Fall Quarter
    24 August 2020
    2021 Winter Quarter
    25 November 2020
    2021 Spring Quarter
    3 March 2021

    Track options AYP

    The normal visa procedures for Mandarin language students are currently inapplicable due to the pandemic. Unless they qualify for other types of special entry permits, students will be contacted by ICLP should special entry permits for studying Chinese become available for application. The latest special entry measures for foreign travelers to Taiwan can be found on the website of Taiwan's Bureau of Consular Affairs:

    Physical track students are required to arrive in Taiwan and begin their 14-day quarantine by the latest arrival date. If unable to obtain entry permits in time, students may choose to enroll in the Online Track instead or withdraw from the program before the track selection due date.

    Prior to enrolling at ICLP, students are recommended to have at least two years of language training in Chinese or the equivalence thereof at an intensive program (with overall Chinese language ability at or above the Intermediate-Mid level, TOCFL B1, CEFR B1, or HSK3). Beginners are welcome to apply for our Academic Year Program starting from the Fall Quarter; those who wish to start from the other quarters are accepted once there are enough applicants to form a beginner's class.

    Classes at ICLP emphasize oral practice, so students must spend adequate time preparing and reviewing each lesson. While speaking is a core component of the ICLP curriculum, all classes provide comprehensive training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Coursework may include reading materials, recorded audio materials, written assignments, and speeches.

    The ICLP is an immersive Chinese language environment. Textbooks are written in Chinese characters; some are rendered in simplified Chinese to suit students' needs. Students are required to speak exclusively in Chinese at all times, both in the classroom and within the ICLP area.

    Students in the academic year program are encouraged to attend three consecutive quarters, although ICLP also accepts applications for one or two quarters. From their second semester onward, students may tailor their coursework to their own interests. Splitting the year into three quarters provides students with the maximum opportunity to explore our diverse course options.

    For a more detailed listing of the class offerings and teaching materials at ICLP, please see our Textbooks.

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    1. ICLP courses are known for their effectiveness. If ICLP is unable to find a class that suits a student's exact level or learning pace, our Instructional Office will modify the student's class module to two one-on-one classes a day so as to facilitate their learning.
    2. One class is 50 minutes.

    The Online Track curriculum consists of only one-on-one classes to ensure the highest learning quality and prevent any potential technical issues from disrupting a group class. The entire class time would be fully concentrated on one student’s learning instead of being divided among three or four students. For students who choose the Online Track 2, ICLP will adjust their tuition from the online system after the track selection due date.

    Should travel restrictions relax later on, Online Track students who wish to switch to the Physical Track may do so only if their online classes have been scheduled between 08:10–12:00 or 13:10–16:00 Taiwan time. The student’s class module and schedule will remain the same after switching to the Physical Track. The student may not switch back to online classes once they begin taking physical classes.
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    ► ICLP 2020-2021 Calendar
  • #Application Fee (non-refundable)

    #Tuition Fees
    Fee Amount Due Date
    Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit US$500 As specified in admission letter (usually within two weeks from the announcement of your admission decision)
    To be applied towards the tuition of your first quarter.
    Fall Tuition US$4,700 August 6, 2020
    Winter Tuition US$4,700 November 26, 2020
    Spring Tuition US$4,550 March 11, 2021
    2021 Summer Tuition NT$145,500 May 27, 2021

    ► All tuition fees are charged in New Taiwan Dollar by credit card; hence, the exact amount in US dollar is subject to change without notice.

    ► The tuition covers textbooks/materials required for your classes, except for Independent Studies courses for High-Advanced level students. The enrollment deposit will be credited against the total tuition fee.

    ► Self-financed students must pay the FULL tuition and other required fees by the tuition due date. Otherwise, ICLP reserves the right to NOT schedule your courses.​​

    Students who would like to withdraw from their first quarter may choose one of the following alternatives before they submit their track selection decision:
    1) Deferral of enrollment: students may choose to start in any quarter within one year. ICLP will hold their deposit/tuition and apply it to the tuition of the quarter they enroll in.
    2) Full refund of the deposit/tuition minus a processing fee and bank charges.
    The above options are only available before students submit their track selection decision.
    #Refund Policy
    If students need to withdraw from the Program, the following refund guidelines must be observed:
    1. Students who submit a refund application prior to the first day of class are entitled to a 90% refund of the tuition.
    2. Students who submit a refund application before the end of the first third of classes are entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition.
    3. There will be no refund after the first third of the classes.
    4. If courses of an entire quarter are cancelled due to low enrollment or other reasons unrelated to the student, a full refund will be issued without interest.
    5. No refund will be issued for the application fee.
    6. Refund applications shall be submitted by 17:00 of the due date by completing both of the following steps:
      1. Provide your bank account information online (contact ICLP by email for the link);
      2. Fill out the application form at the ICLP Office in person.
      The refund is expected to be transferred approximately 4-6 weeks after the refund application is confirmed complete by ICLP. The student shall be responsible for all associated bank charges.
    7. Students who are unable to attend/continue the program may apply for a deferment of enrollment.
      1. When a deferment application is submitted prior to the first day of class, the enrollment deposit and/or full tuition will be held for one year.
      2. When a deferment application is submitted before the end of the first third of classes, two-thirds of the tuition will be held for one year. The applicant must pay the remaining tuition balance prior to the tuition due date of the quarter they wish to defer their enrollment to.
      3. No application for deferment will be accepted after the first third of the classes.
      4. A processing fee and any difference in tuition will be charged in the event that the tuition is raised. However, no refund of tuition difference will be issued if the tuition is reduced.
      5. Enrollment can only be deferred once. No refund application will be accepted once deferment is granted whether or not the applicant is able to enroll.
    8. Fees for optional courses, field trips, housing and insurance are non-refundable.
    9. The refund policy is in compliance with the Regulations for Implementation of Continuing Education at Higher Education Institutions (專科以上學校推廣教育實施辦法修正條文; 100.1.11教育部令) enacted by the R.O.C Ministry of Education.
  • 2020-2021 Academic Year Program
    The academic year program consists of the Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters, and an optional summer term. Students are encouraged to attend three consecutive quarters, though ICLP also accepts applications for one or two quarters.

    Application Deadline:
    Fall Quarter: July 15, 2020 July 20, 2020
    Winter Quarter: October 31, 2020 November 3, 2020
    Spring Quarter: January 29, 2021 February 2, 2021

    Admission decisions are expected to be issued within two weeks after receipt of the complete application.

    ► 2020-2021 Application Requirements

    ► ICLP Online Application System

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