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ICLP持續提供線上課程 ICLP Continues to Offer Online Courses

  Latest Feedback from our Students:
ICLP's online classes are a game-changer when it comes to studying Chinese. Never before could people study advanced Chinese with such high-quality instruction, no matter where they're located. — Matthew Silberman
Based on the past year of running online classes, ICLP is now including small-sized group classes in its online curriculum in addition to its acclaimed one-on-one courses. With a minimal number of students in a class, more class time is devoted to each student's learning with less chance of interference from technical issues.
online classes
To accommodate time differences depending on where students are located, a total of 18 time slots are made available for online classes throughout the day. In the meanwhile, online classes will too proceed daily at the same time for 10 or 11 weeks, thus maintaining the effectiveness of an intensive learning environment in all respects.
  Latest Feedback from our Students:
The one-on-one classes felt very personal and immersive, as my teachers were both extremely encouraging and supportive. I felt very comfortable asking questions and holding conversations in Chinese, which was both challenging and exciting. — Victoria G.
Designed to broaden students' learning experience, ICLP's Chinese Salons are hosted by teachers who will introduce and lead discussions on a variety of interesting, daily-life topics. These sessions provide opportunities for students to meet online and converse with other students, exchange cultural experiences, while engaging in fun learning activities in a relaxed setting.

Chinese Salon

Wherever they are located, students can also enjoy resources such as online advising hours and pronunciation diagnosis sessions, during which they can ask questions about Chinese learning, seek help from ICLP teachers, or practice pronunciation. Outside of classrooms, they are welcome to attend our lectures online, and connect with language partners introduced through ICLP.
  Latest Feedback from our Students:
I am extremely impressed by the quality of teaching and the materials, activities and opportunities provided. The learning environment is genuinely conducive for focus and quick language acquisition. — William J. Kennedy
Online students will also participate in ICLP's mid-term presentations, where they can demonstrate their language skills by giving open talks, attending student presentations, and partaking in the Q&A sessions. Meanwhile, the ICLP E-Newsletter provides another platform for students to express themselves in Chinese through submitting written or recorded works.
Online Student Presentation
  Latest Feedback from our Students:
During a mostly online year, ICLP maintained its high standards of education and offered excellent instruction. — Ilya Bobkov
Exploit the expertise of the ICLP faculty and continue to strengthen your language abilities amid the pandemic.
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