Taipei Paradise 台北麗園

Taipei Paradise
  • Taipei Paradise
  • Two-bedroom Apartment-Single Bedroom B (L)
  • Two-bedroom Apartment-Single Bedroom A (S)
  • Two-bedroom Apartment-Living Room
  • Two-bedroom Apartment-Dining Room
  • Four-bedroom Apartment-Lobby
  • Four-bedroom Apartment-Ensuite Twin Room
  • Four-bedroom Apartment-Single Bedroom (large; one bed)
  • Four-bedroom Apartment-Single Bedroom(small)
  • Four-bedroom Apartment-Kitchen
  • Door
  • Restroom
  • Hot-water heater
  • Restroom
  • Counter
  • Lobby
  • Lobby
  • Gym
  • (For regular students only; for Flagship students, please refer to this page.)
    Only 30 single bedrooms in 13 flats are available per year, and will be assigned in the order of the receipt of the rent.
    Address: No.51 &55, Section 2, Xin Hai Road, Taipei City (intersection of Xin Hai Rd. and Jain Guo Rd.)  

    Property description
    • An imposing deluxe 18-story building/dorm with three basement floors designed by renowned architects.
    • The attractive exterior in European style conveys the image of extraordinary dignity.
    • A supreme choice for foreign executives and professionals staying in Taipei.
    • Cathay Life, top one insurance company in Taiwan, holds the property as a single owner providing tenants one-stop services. 
    Area description
    • High level residential area: The adjacent Taiwan University campus is a 27-hectacre land of beautiful scenery and greens. Da-an Forest park (Central Park of Taipei) is also nearby.
    • Good accessibility: To be linked by a comprehensive road system and mass transportation system leading to different part of the city.
    • Muslim friendly area: Two major mosques and some Halal restaurants are close to Taipei Paradise.    
    Price Includes Wi-Fi, furniture, water and electricity
    • Living room:satellite TV, direct dial telephone
    • Bedroom:bed frame, mattress (106cm*188cm), closet
    • Kitchen:stove, refrigerator
    • Others:washing machine, dryer, internet, balcony  
    Other Facilities
    Aerobic dancing room, gym, comfortable lounge  
    • Cleaning service once a week
    • 24-hour security
    • Central monitor security system
    • Household burglar alarm
    • Smoke alarm, fire sprinkle
    • Emergency lightning
    • Extinguisher 

    Housing Regulations and Policies
    • The earliest move-in date and latest move-out date will be designated by ICLP. The student resident must officially sign in and sign out at the front desk upon moving in and moving out. No early check-ins or prolonged stays will be accommodated.
    • Payment of the dormitory fee and security deposit must be completed in 3 days after confirmation of room request to secure a room. The security deposit minus a processing fee is refundable once the student resident has met all the requirements of the check-out inspection. All housing fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
    • No subletting.
    • All guests must sign in and sign out at the front desk. Overnight guests are not allowed. Student residents are responsible for informing their housemates when their guests will come and leave. Guests shall not enter other residents' bedrooms or use their facilities, including private bathrooms.
    • Student residents should be respectful of all other tenants and maintain reasonable levels of noise in the buildings. Unnecessary or excessive noise is prohibited.
    • Student residents are jointly responsible for maintaining the condition of their apartment and/or any furniture/furnishings/fixtures therein. If there are any damages in the apartment, student residents are required to report them to the front desk immediately. Any and all damages done to the apartment or furniture must be compensated by the student residents in full and their security deposit will not be refunded.
    • Student residents are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and pleasant living environment of all common areas inside and outside their own apartment. The kitchen must always be kept clean to prevent attracting pests.
    • No smoking in the buildings and in public areas.
    • No pets, parties, drugs or other illegal activities allowed.
    • The student resident is responsible for arranging a check-out inspection just before moving out. The front desk hours are 7:00-22:00. If you will depart outside of front desk hours, please arrange the check-out inspection for the closest front desk hours before your departure. Failure to do so will result in loss of the security deposit.
    • Student residents who violate the regulations stated within their contract or laws of Taiwan will be asked to vacate the apartment with no refund of their dormitory fee or security deposit. ICLP reserves the right to not issue any certificates, grade reports or other such documents to student residents who fail to comply with the terms of their housing contract.
    • ICLP reserves the right to reallocate rooms in response to changing needs and priorities.
    • ICLP reserves the right to explain and change the housing regulations and policies.
  • *The prices below do not include amenity (blanket, pillow, towels, cups, and plates, etc)
    Quarters Housing Fee
    (on a quarterly basis)
    2-Bedroom Apt. 3-Bedroom Apt. 4-Bedroom Apt.
    Summer or Fall Quarters   Ensuite Room: NT$92,000 Ensuite Room: NT$82,000
    Large Bedroom: NT$82,000 Large Bedroom: NT$82,000 Large Bedroom: NT$66,000
    Small Bedroom: NT$62,000 Small Bedroom: NT$62,000 Small Bedroom: NT$52,000
    Winter or Spring Quarters   Ensuite Room: NT$90,000 Ensuite Room: NT$72,000
    Large Bedroom: NT$72,000 Large Bedroom: NT$72,000 Large Bedroom: NT$60,000
    Small Bedroom: NT$56,000 Small Bedroom: NT$52,000 Small Bedroom: NT$47,000

    *Ensuite Rooms have a walk-in closet and a bathroom. The room is big enough to hold 3 single beds but contains only one.

    *The rent is subject to change and will be re-confirmed when a room is assigned to the applicant.
  • Room requests for the 2018-2019 Academic Year Program must be submitted through ICLP's ► Online Application System (Housing section). Requests by email will not be accepted.

    *To secure room reservation, the full rent must be paid.
    *Once the fee is paid to reserve a room/spot at Taipei Paradise, applicants are not allowed to move out with a refund unless they find someone who can take up their room.
    *Female and male students may be assigned to the same apartment.
    *Rooms are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

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