Students will not be officially enrolled for classes until adequately covered by an insurance policy. If the student is covered by an insurance policy, proof of insurance (a copy of the plan and ID) is required for the period of attendance at ICLP.
If their insurance policy does not cover medical services abroad, students may consider purchasing the ICLP group insurance offered through Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, available to students who will have reached 20 years of age upon arriving in Taiwan. Please find the insurance fee and insurance coverage as below. Students may sign up for this coverage, or choose any other insurance policy with comparable or better coverage. (Students who will not have reached 18 years of age must purchase insurance on their own.)

To purchase the ICLP group insurance, please check the "Sign up for the ICLP insurance" box in the insurance section of the enrollment form and pay the fee in cash to the ICLP Office upon registration.

Insurance Rider: ►ICLP Group Insurance (Nan Shan Life Insurance Company)
Insurance Fee
Quarter Coverage Period Insurance Fee
Fall September 20th–December 19th (3 months) NT$2,200
Winter December 20th–March 19th (3 months) NT$2,200
Spring March 20th–June 19th (3 months) NT$2,200
Summer June 20th–September 19th (3 months) NT$2,200
For students who sign up on or after the starting date of the insurance period, the insurance coverage shall take effect on the next work day after their application and insurance fee are submitted.
Summary of Group Insurance Coverage In Taiwan
Coverage Benefits
Accidental death and dismemberment NT$1,000,000
Accidental medical reimbursement up to NT$100,000
Hospitalization due to accident or illness NT$1,000/day
Outpatient care due to accident or illness up to NT$1,000/visit;
maximum 10 visits per incident, 20 visits per year (pro rata)
  • The term "accident" in this insurance refers to an external sudden incidence of injury not caused by disease.
  • More details available in the Insurance Rider and student admission packet.

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