Ian Connelly


  • The International Chinese Language Program does tremendous work in the field of Mandarin Chinese language education. The ICLP pedagogy is amazing; the pacing of semesters, the balance between strict focus on grammatical structures and free speaking, the emphasis on speaking, listening, it all fits into one big design. ICLP has all of your Chinese languagel bases covered, it just demands students are motivated and hardworking. Because ICLP textbooks complement each other, they reinforce sentence patterns and vocabulary, all the while building a solid foundation. The design of the curriculum is such that this pattern of reinforcement carries between semesters as content advances in depth. I am ever impressed with the ability of ICLP teachers to conduct class using a challenging pace while simultaneously encouraging students to push themselves further. Class sizes, which never exceed four students, are designed to give individual students consistent and numerous opportunities to speak and participate.  ICLP is not for the faint of heart. But, if learning Chinese efficiently is your goal, then there is no need to look any further. They'll have you dreaming in Chinese in no time...

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.