Justin Knapp


  • I arrived at ICLP with a very basic level of Chinese. For the first several weeks of class I could barely understand what my teachers were saying and during this time it was next to impossible to grasp mandarin spoken on the street. However, after a full year of study at ICLP I can hold conversations with locals about politics, the economy, or even Taiwanese TV shows. I can also pick up a newspaper and understand the meaning of any article. My vast improvement is no doubt a result of the excellent quality of teaching at ICLP and the large amount of attention that each student receives. In addition, the teachers at ICLP make every effort to assist the students from helping you tailor your curriculum for your specific needs to answering phone calls about grammar questions in the evening. It is obvious that the teachers are not only very qualified but have a real passion for there work and always make the students needs their highest priority.  As long as you are willing to work hard everyday, there is no question that your improvement at ICLP will surprise even yourself.

    Mr. Knapp was at lower elementary level upon enrollment. His language level has reached FSI Chinese Level 4 after completing the full academic year program.

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

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