Caitrin McKiernan


  • ICLP's teachers go out of their way to provide solid Chinese training catered to each student's individual needs. When I was working as a journalist during the election, my teacher tailored my curriculum to my work. We read relevant editorials and reports relevant to the election. My Chinese not only improved, but so did my reporting. In non one-on-one classes, I still received tailored attention. The classes were small. My teachers knew my weaknesses and strengths, and knew how to push me. If a student is looking to visiting Taiwan to relax or take a break, ICLP is not the right program. It takes itself very seriously---and it should. After all, the majority of the Taiwan and China academics and movers and shakers have come through ICLP. There's a reason for this.

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.