Practical Chinese Reading & Writing I

#Elementary 初級

Practical Chinese Reading & Writing is a set of instructional materials emphasizing reading and writing. It is especially intended for students who have some listening and speaking proficiency but needs improvement in their ability to read and write Chinese characters. This book utilizes various reading strategies to improve students' reading comprehension, and provides various composition exercises to improve students' writing abilities. Each chapter consists of a text, example sentences, grammatical exercises, and supplemental materials. Supplementary reading materials are appended after every third chapter.

Characteristics of this book include:
1) Course texts are provided in standard printed characters and accompanied by renditions in handwritten and simplified characters;
2) Introduces approximately 700 new characters and 1000 commonly used words. All new characters and vocabulary items are annotated with pinyin romanization, parts of speech, and English explanations. Chapters 1-6 also provide pinyin for example sentences; in order to strengthen students' ability in character recognition, Chapter 7 and subsequent chapters do not provide pinyin for example sentences.
3) Introduces approximately 150 important grammatical points. To help students master special usages of words and complicated grammatical patterns, the book provides example sentences and summarizes the grammatical points in English.

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