Advanced Writing

#High Advanced  特高級

This course focuses on practical writing. Through daily composition exercises in the spirit of "writing what I would say", students will develop the ability to think entirely in Chinese. Deploying compositional techniques and discourse skills, students will learn to describe experiences, express opinions, compose academic articles, and acquire the ability to use Chinese as a second language. The course is generally customized in accordance with a student's interests and needs. The contents can include practical writing and creative work. Practical writing, such as emails, biographical sketches, CVs, and official documents, help student develop the writing ability for social interactions, communication, job searches, and other similar purposes. Creative writing touches on the understanding and use of rhetorical techniques, writing example analysis, narrative and other basic prose writing, creating narratives from images, creative picture books and novel composition, among other exercises. The course helps the student develop strengths in accordance with their interests, consolidate what they previously studied, acquire transferable Chinese skills, and to strive for further improvements.

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