Television Documentaries

#High Advanced  特高級

Television News is a class that ICLP has prepared for advanced learners. It contains 30 videos of authentic television news, covering eight major subjects: international issues, judicial matters and human rights, environmental protection, culture and education, medication, environmental technologies, as well as economics and labor issues. International issues also include international finance and cross-strait relations. The content is composed of the video URL, pre-class questions, vocabulary, sentence drills, and after-class discussion. A word-for-word transcript is provided for the teacher's reference. The teacher can also supply a partial transcript for cloze exercises according to the needs of each class, so as to assess their students' grasp of details in the language. All the lessons are written separately with two to six stars to label their difficulty. The difficulty level was assigned based on the amount of new words and grammar in the news, the technicality of its contents, and specificity of its cultural context.

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