Mini Radio Plays

#Advanced  高級

This textbook is aimed at students who already know at least 1500 Chinese words. There are 12 radio plays in the book, the plots of which all closely connected to Taiwanese society. The register of the language has moved from daily usage to cultural references. Learners can compare cultural differences through various social issues. They can also express their opinions in group discussions according to the questions attached or on related topics and thus sharpen their speaking ability. A special feature of this textbook is that the vocabulary explanations are all in Chinese. This helps students to think in Chinese without relying on direct English translations. The vocabulary also includes loanwords, generation Y language, and even idioms. Plentiful use of four-character phrases also helps learners improve their grasp of the language at a higher register. The textbook comes with realistic and natural MP3 recordings, through which learners can get a better sense of the sound of Chinese expressions and catch the uniqueness of Chinese interjections and particles.

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