基礎實用商務漢語 (上)(下)(第三版)

A Practical Business Chinese Reader

#Intermediate  中級

This book is designed for those who have completed at least one year to one and a half years of Chinese study at the college level and have gained a good knowledge of basic grammar in modern Chinese as well as around a 1000-word vocabulary in Chinese.

This course is to train students to develop their communication skills both in oral and written in order to conduct business in a Chinese language environment.  The emphasis is placed on the usage of business terms in modern Chinese and on language proficiency in a business context as well as on business related social-cultural awareness. 

This book has developed 16 lessons in all ton introduce some typical business activities and business related social events.  The contents of the lessons may been seen in the chronological order of events or as 16 individual stories.  In terms of difficulty, the first eight lessons are more basic while the latter eight lessons are more advanced. 

《基礎實用商務漢語》以一般商務用途漢語(Chinese for General Business Purpose or CGBP)為學習內容,適用於已學習一年到一年半漢語、對基本現代漢語語法結構已有所瞭解的漢語非母語學習者。全書分上下兩冊,內容上既相互銜接,又相對獨立,以一個美國商務代表團訪問中國為線索,依次介紹了商務活動各個環節的典型場景和相關的社交、禮儀活動,切合中國經濟發展的現實情況。課文語言簡練、生動,富於幽默感。所附材料大都是商務活動中的真實原件,力求把學生帶入到真實的環境中去。練習設計融入交際法、任務教學、合作學習等理念,形式多樣、活潑,富於啟發性。

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