A Practical Business Chinese Reader

#Intermediate  中級

This book is designed for those who have completed at least one year to one and a half years of Chinese study at the college level and have gained a good knowledge of basic grammar in modern Chinese as well as around a 1000-word vocabulary in Chinese.

This course is to train students to develop their communication skills both in oral and written in order to conduct business in a Chinese language environment.  The emphasis is placed on the usage of business terms in modern Chinese and on language proficiency in a business context as well as on business related social-cultural awareness. 

This book has developed 16 lessons in all ton introduce some typical business activities and business related social events.  The contents of the lessons may been seen in the chronological order of events or as 16 individual stories.  In terms of difficulty, the first eight lessons are more basic while the latter eight lessons are more advanced. 

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