Short Stories

#Intermediate  中級

This is a collection of ten short stories, each a winner of聯經 Publishing House’s annual 小說潮literary award. These ten stories touch upon issues such as the Taiwan-Mainland divide, extramarital affairs, worship of ghosts and spirits, modern lifestyles and attitudes on love, homosexuality, along with some more experimental pieces. In order to allow those students taking TOCC to also acquaint themselves with Chinese fiction as early as possible, the vocabulary has been presented side by side with TOCC vocabulary — and even 新編會話 vocabulary — of the same level; sentence patterns are highlighted as well, accompanied by their English equivalents. In the past, students who studied this book often gave it favorable evaluations, acknowledging that it held their interest and improved their reading skills. They all come to the understanding, however, that after grasping the text’s literal meaning, one must seek out the deeper meaning hidden between the lines if one hopes to decipher the author’s secret code—which is perhaps what makes short stories so interesting in the first place!

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