Far East Everyday Chinese III

#Intermediate  中級

Designed for English-speaking people to learn Chinese as a second language, this book consists of a textbook, a student workbook, a teacher’s manual, and multi-media material.
This book, with its 12 chapters, provides learners with texts in modern standard Chinese.  Each of its chapters is equipped with a variety of exercises in phonetics, grammar, contextual meaning and usage to help the learners improve their communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and achieve the objective of second language acquisition.  This series of materials facilitate the learners’ improvement of their communicative skills in the following topics: computer in daily life, doing business, the stock market, the Asian economic crisis, a social phenomenon issue, tradition and modernity, democracy and elections, environmental protection, history of Chinese, the essence of Chinese culture throughout the ages, Chinese literature, and Chinese philosophy.
This book consists of 1038 vocabulary and 155 grammar structures. 

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