Stories from Chinese History I

#Intermediate  中級

As the third book of the Chinese Moral Tales series, this text can be used either as extracurricular reading, offering students an opportunity for self-improvement, or can be employed in the classroom as a supplementary reader. With the exception of a few phrases necessary to specific stories, the vocabulary in this volume is chosen based on the list of One Thousand Most Frequently Used Characters from the Chinese Language Press Institute's List of Three Thousand Commonly Used Characters in Newspapers. Each of the four volumes employs an additional vocabulary of approximately 400 words.
Pronunciation for characters is given in both Pinyin and the Yale system of Romanization, while grammatical designations follow the system used in the Dictionary of Spoken Chinese published by Yale University. There are four sections to each text: a list of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, sentence patterns and exercises. Characters new to a particular lesson are marked with an asterisk in the list of vocabulary.

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