遠東生活華語二 A

Far East Everyday Chinese II

#Elementary 初級

Far East Everyday Chinese II is set of second-language contextual teaching materials, compiled to reflect authentic Chinese language environment. The contents range from everyday spoken language to modern technology terms, also including written language and its unique grammatical structures, with the aim of helping students become familiar with the modern Chinese language as it is commonly used around the world. The first six units each contain two dialogues; the fundamental consideration is to provide authentic, natural, simple, and practical Chinese. From the seventh unit onwards, the first part of each unit is a dialogue, while the second part consists of written materials frequently encountered in daily life, including notifications, cards, and mail. The textbook uses traditional characters, but a simplified-character rendition of the text is appended to each unit. Far East Everyday Chinese II is divided into two books, each with twelve units, for a total of twenty-four lessons.

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