Modern Chinese Conversation

#Elementary 初級

This intermediate book brings together 18 conversations written in colloquial style designed to introduce lives in Taiwan to foreign students who’s just arrived. Each conversation is under a specific topic such as renting a house and going to a bank that emphasizes on colloquial and practical use of Chinese.  Each lesson provides students the chance to practice usages of sentence patterns and vocabularies enabling them to make use of complicated sentences in daily conversation. Its language is natural and up-to-date, and its structural drills are systematically and rigorously presented. 
The book is written in traditional Chinese characters with supplementary Pinyin and English explanations provided throughout the text. In the field of Chinese as a second language, a good text at the intermediate level with sufficient emphasis on providing natural and interesting life settings as well as on grammatically structures has been greatly needed, and this volume will do much in filling the void. 

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