Task-Based Listening& Speaking

#Elementary 初級

This set of materials complements the pedagogical aims of Far East Everyday Chinese, taking as its main goals to provide instruction in authentic, natural, and practical Chinese. It provides a large amount of comprehensible listening exercises and spoken language classroom activities, using various communication strategies to strengthen the student's listening and speaking abilities. The book has twelve units and focuses on ten main topics: numbers, shopping, paying, making appointments, asking directions, getting around, renting an apartment, self-introductions, sending letters, and eating out. With the exception of units seven and twelve, which are review units, each unit focuses on one situational language task; each unit has a pre-listening activity, listening exercises, and a post-listening activity. This book provides listening and speaking, listening and reading, and listening and writing activities, allowing the four main language skills to develop in parallel and to foster the student's overall ability to use the Chinese language. Through the functional task-oriented activities and lively photographs and illustrations in each lesson, the textbook is able to pique the student's interest and help them develop listening strategies, thereby allowing the student to enter into the world of authentic Chinese and providing them with a set of effective tools for communication and social interaction.

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