A Course in Contemporary Chinese II

#Elementary 初級

This is the second book of the "Course in Contemporary Chinese" series. It focuses on everyday speech and strengthening conversational skills through task-oriented and dialogue-based exercises. The 15 lessons cover topics including asking for directions, transportation, studying, work, relocating, environmentalism, travel, food customs, wedding ceremonies, and other topics intricately tied to everyday life to create a natural language learning environment. Each lesson contains a short supplemental text for reading exercise as well.

The presentation of vocabulary focuses on practical usage as opposed to linguistic structure. Syntactical (and grammatical) explanations include grammatical functions, structure, pragmatic usage and practice. The suggested classroom exercises are designed for specific goals. Through task-oriented and role-playing opportunities, the classroom activities incorporate a degree of fun into the learning experience.

The Culture components include real-life photographs, allowing students to make deeper connections with local Taiwanese culture. Each lesson also sets out learning goals and includes a self-evaluation component to help students clearly evaluate their progress.

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