A Course in Contemporary Chinese I

#Complete Beginners 零起點

Designed for beginners, this first volume of the series focuses on everyday conversational language and is equivalent to the CEFR A1 level. The book has the following characteristics: 1) The texts draw from everyday life situations allowing students to develop their Chinese in a natural language environment. 2) The materials match the most current trends in language teaching, combining traditional instruction methods with task-oriented exercises. 3) Each lesson details specific language learning goals and includes a self-assessment at the end so the student can evaluate their own progress. 4) The grammar sections include information on grammatical functions, structure, and pragmatic usage as well as practice problems. 5) The "Culture" unit includes real-life photographs, allowing students to make deeper connections with local Taiwanese culture.

Additional online study materials serve as valuable resources for both students and teachers as a post-lesson review tool.


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