Distance from our school: about 1.5公里; driving time: about 4分
Specialties: 麻辣雞絲麵 (málàjīsīmiàn)、雪菜肉絲麵 (xuěcàiròusīmiàn)、炸醬麵 (zhàjiàngmiàn)、酸辣麵 (suānlàmiàn)、紹子雞丁麵 (shàozǐjīdīngmiàn)、牛肉麵 (niúròumiàn)
Noodles at reasonable prices.  One drawback: the owner has a habit of detaining foreigners on the way out and expounding his favorite chengyu (成語) of the day.  Also, he always seems to forget who he has seen before, and who is a new customer.  So there’s a chance that you will have the same conversation with this man multiple times.
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