Distance from our school: about 0.1公里; driving time: about 1分
*The fare for each zone is currently NT$15. Most rides within Taipei city do not go through more than one zone. Bus drivers DO NOT provide change so students should prepare exact change before boarding (otherwise, a NT$15 bus ride may end up costing a student NT$100 or more!). The fare may be paid by using an EasyCard (see below), or in exact change on the bus. Some buses require payment upon boarding, others upon leaving; a sign on the bus will specify this. A traveler should not have to pay twice unless he/she has traveled through more than one zone.
Address to find the line: Sec. 2, Xinhai Rd
(NTU Information Building)

Useful Bus Routers
The destinations and suggested bus routes included below have ICLP as the point of departure.
  • 中央研究院 (Academia Sinica)
    Take bus #74 to the stop on Renai Lu (仁愛路) just before the traffic circle.  Switch to bus #270.  It costs you NT $45 and the ride is at least half-and-hour, depending on traffic conditions.  You can also take #284 to the stop on Zhongxiao Donglu (忠孝東路五段或市立工農站) and switch to bus #270 or  #212.  This ride only costs you NT $30.  Academia Sinica will be on your left.  Ask the bus driver which stop at which to get off.
  • 美國運通銀行 (American Express)
    Bus #74 on Heping Donglu (和平東路) can take you to the intersection of Dunhua Beilu (敦化北路) and Minsheng Donglu (民生東路).  The American Express office is kitty-corner from the bus stop.Bus #74 now runs up Fuxing Beilu (復興北路) but it is still the best bus to take.
  • 美國在台協會(American Institude in Taiwan)
    At the intersection of Fuxing Nanlu (復興南路) and Xinhai Lu (辛亥路) , you can catch bus #209.  The route runs up 復興南路 and will turn left at Xinyi Lu (信義路).  Get off at the first stop after the turn.  AIT will be on the south side of the street.
  • 美國銀行(Bank of America)
    Take bus #74 to the intersection of 敦化北路 and 民生東路.  The bank of America will be located on 民生東路 to your right.  See above.
  • 故宮博物院 (National Palace Museum)
    At Taida's Xinsheng Nanlu (新生南路)entrance, take bus #280 with the white  sign or #606 to Zhongzheng Lu (中正路) in Shilin (士林).  It is the intersection with the McDonald's on the right.  At Zhongzheng Lu (中正路)switch  to bus #304, #255, #18 heading east. For #304, the museum is the last stop.  Otherwise, ask the driver which stop is 故宮博物院. You  can also take #72 at Heping Donglu (和平東路) to the last stop—Dazhi (大直), then switch to #213 heading north. Before you walk away from the bus stop in Shilin (士林) for the Gongguan (公館), remember to write down the location and name of the bus stop.  This will eliminate a lot of confusion when you want to head home.
  • 台安醫院 (Taiwan Adventist Hospital)
    Bus #52, picked up on Heping Donglu (和平東路), runs along Dunhua Nanlu/ Beilu (敦化南/北路) and will turn left onto Changan Donglu (長安東路).  Get off the first stop after the turn.  The Adventist Hospital will be across the street from the stop.  Bus #74 also goes past the hospital.  Get off after the first stop after the intersection of Changan Donglu and Dunhua Beilu.
  • 西門町 (Xi Men Ding)
    This is a shopping and movie theater district.  To get there, take bus #235 on Heping Donglu (和平東路) across the city.  You will pass Zhonghua Lu (中華路) and hit a small traffic circle with a McDonald's directly in front of you.  Get off at the stop right after the circle.  Or bus #209 stops at Zhonghua Lu, and you can walk across the pedestrian sky walk.
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