#1Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei 2022-23

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    Although some visa/entry/quarantine restrictions remain in place (e.g., as of March 2022, a non-scholarship student generally needs to be enrolled in six months of courses to be allowed entry, and quarantine is required upon entry), we anticipate being able to run an in-person program from the fall of 2022.​

    Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei is the sister program of National Taiwan University's world-renowned International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), which has been educating students and scholars of Mandarin Chinese for nearly 60 years.

    Launched in 2020, CGY is a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month gap year experience for recent high school graduates who are excited to learn Chinese, experience life in Taiwan, and grow as young people. It is open to recent high school graduates of all Chinese proficiency levels, and features:

    • An intensive and immersive Mandarin Chinese language and culture program.
    • Housing option that balances safety and support with independent living.
    • Social and cultural immersion on campus, in the city, and around Taiwan.
    • Personalized attention and around-the-clock support and resources.
    • A CGY teacher and staff-to-student ratio of 1:2.5 or lower.
    • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities and excursions.
    • A safe and friendly environment for living and learning.
    • A memorable and meaningful gap year experience!
    Take a look at the experiences of two recent students, Laurence and Monica, who did a gap year and studied at ICLP, prior to the creation of CGY. Or keep reading to learn more about how students will Learn, Live, and Grow right here in Taipei!

    Founded in 1962 to train and develop the oral discursive ability of America's academic elite, ICLP has provided instruction over the past half-century to hundreds of students who now serve in academia and government. Following these instructional practices, CGY students will have three to four hours of Chinese language and culture classes (including daily one-on-one instruction) plus about three to four hours of daily homework. An instructor will also hold weekly evening office hours.

    In addition, students will be paired with a language partner, who is a current National Taiwan University undergraduate student. Beyond that, since the classroom space is a Chinese-only area, students will have many opportunities to engage in Chinese with program staff and classmates. And since Mandarin Chinese is spoken by Taiwan's 23 million residents, every interaction provides students an opportunity to strengthen their skills and accelerate their progress.

    Learn more about the textbooks students will use and the progress they will make.

    CGY is much more than an academic experience. It is also a living experience, and creating a sense of community among students, teachers, and program staff is important to us. With program enrollment limited to 30 students, the teacher/staff-to-student ratio of 1:2.5 or lower ensures that all students will receive individualized attention.

    As a group, we'll host weekly social and cultural events, plus weekend trips within Taipei and around Taiwan. In addition, students will participate in a once-per-quarter multi-day trip that will allow them to deepen their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society.

    Taiwan is “The Heart of Asia”, and as Taiwan's capital city, Taipei is a wonderful place to call home. In fact, it is often listed among the best cities in the world for expats because of its safety and affordability, great public transportation and healthcare systems, and friendly and accommodating locals residents.

    Students will be able to explore mountains and beaches, temples and night markets, aboriginal culture and cutting-edge technology. And through it all, they will be forming lifelong friendships and engaging in Chinese.

    Just a few of the benefits of life in Taipei: 

    CGY students have the option of living in the Taipei Paradise apartment building on the edge of campus that is also used by ICLP students, or finding their own housing.

    No matter where students live, while they are on campus, they will be able to take advantage of NTU facilities, including access to the largest library in Taiwan, the university's fitness and health centers, and multiple on-campus cafeterias and restaurants. Perhaps most importantly, students will have the ability to join NTU student groups and make friends with Taiwanese students.

    CGY in Taipei will be an opportunity for students to learn a language, explore a different part of the world, and discover more about themselves. 

    We recognize that this is a special and important time in our students' lives, and we take seriously their safety, health, and wellbeing while here. Students will strengthen their independence and be even more prepared to succeed in college, and while they will be expected to be responsible and proactive, they should also know that the CGY community will provide the support they need to have success. 

    What's Next?
    Scroll up and click on the tabs to learn more about the program calendar, fees, application process, and textbooks. You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions (which contains information on visas), or read more about our program mission and goals, stance on diversity, and other policies.

    Other questions? Get in touch directly by email
  • Please visit CGY's website for additional information.

    2022-2023 Chinese Gap Year in Taipei
    9/21 (Wednesday) Latest arrival date
    9/22 (Thursday) Orientation and activities 
    9/26 (Monday) Classes begin
    10/8-10/10 (Saturday-Monday) National Holiday: Double-Tenth Day (CGY closed)
    11/15 (Tuesday) NTU Anniversary Celebration (CGY closed)
    11/18-21 (Friday-Monday) Culture and Language Excursions (Tentative)
    12/9 (Friday) Last day of Fall Quarter
    12/28 (Wednesday) Latest arrival date
    12/29 (Thursday) Orientation and activities
    12/31-1/2 (Saturday-Monday) National Holiday: New Year (CGY closed)
    1/3 (Tuesday) Classes begin
    1/20-1/29 (Friday-Sunday) National Holiday: Chinese New Year (CGY closed)
    1/30 (Monday) Classes resume
    2/25-2/28 (Saturday-Tuesday) National Holiday: Peace Memorial Day (CGY closed)
    3/2-4 (Thursday-Saturday) Culture and Language Excursions (Tentative)
    3/17 (Friday) Last day of Winter Quarter
    3/22 (Wednesday) Latest arrival date
    3/23 (Thursday) Orientation and activities
    3/27 (Monday) Classes begin
    4/1-4/5 (Saturday-Wednesday) National Holiday: Tomb-Sweeping Day (CGY closed)
    4/23-4/26 (Thursday-Sunday) Culture and Language Excursions (Tentative)
    5/1 (Monday) National Holiday: Labor Day (CGY closed)
    5/11-5/14 (Thursday-Sunday) Annual ICLP-led Beigang Field Trip (CGY closed)
    6/2 (Friday) Last day of Spring Quarter
    Note: The above schedule is subject to change based on CGY adjustments or in accordance with the announcement made by the Central Personnel Administration, Taiwan.  

  • Please visit CGY's website for additional information.

    #Application Fee
    NT$3,000 (~US$105)

    #Program Fees (not including housing)
    Program Fee NTD USD (Approximate) Due Date
    Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit NT15,000 ~US$530 Due date specified in admission letter; deposit to be applied towards your first quarter program fee.
    2022 Fall NT210,000
    (Plus Housing Fee)
    (Plus Housing Fee)
    August 25, 2022
    2023 Winter NT195,000
    (Plus Housing Fee)
    (Plus Housing Fee)
    December 1, 2022
    2023 Spring NT195,000
    (Plus Housing Fee)
    (Plus Housing Fee)
    March 2, 2023

    ► CGY is not able to offer financial aid, but certain students may be eligible to apply for the Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

    ► All Program Fees are charged in New Taiwan Dollars by credit card. The USD amounts listed are approximate and may change due to currency fluctuations.

    ► The Program Fee covers textbooks/materials required for classes. The Program Fee does not cover day-to-day living expenses, housing, or insurance.

    ► If for some reason CGY is not able to run, all accepted students will have the option to participate in ICLP (ICLP fee schedule will apply and CGY housing may not be available. Please check ICLP's main website for housing options or look for off-campus accommodation nearby.).

    #Refund Policy
    If students need to withdraw from the Program, the following refund guidelines must be observed:
    1. Students who submit a refund application prior to the first day of class are entitled to a 90% refund of the Program Fee (not including the Enrollment Deposit portion).
    2. Students who submit a refund application before the end of the first third of classes are entitled to a refund of 50% of the Program Fee (not including the Enrollment Deposit portion).
    3. There will be no refund after the first third of the classes.
    4. If an entire quarter's courses are cancelled due to low enrollment or other reasons unrelated to the student, a full refund of the Program Fee, Housing Fee, and Housing Deposit will be issued without interest.
    5. Except in the event of Item 4, no refund will be issued for the Enrollment Deposit or Housing Fee.
    6. Refund applications shall be submitted to the CGY office using the refund application form (CGY program staff will provide this).
    7. After the refund application is confirmed as complete by CGY, the refund will be transferred in approximately four to six weeks. The student shall be responsible for all associated bank charges and PayPal charges that may be deducted from the refund.
    8. The refund policy is in compliance with the Regulations for Implementation of Continuing Education at Higher Education Institutions (專科以上學校推廣教育實施辦法修正條文; 100.1.11教育部令) enacted by the R.O.C Ministry of Education.
  • Please visit CGY's website for additional information.

    Students who would like to apply to CGY must be recent high school graduates who have not yet begun university. If you are currently in university, or have already graduated from college, then we encourage you to apply directly to our main ICLP Academic Year Program.

    Application Deadline (Taiwan Time, UTC +8):
    Fall (September 21 - December 9, 2022) August 4, 2022
    Winter (December 28 - March 17, 2023) November 4, 2022
    Spring (March 22 - June 2, 2023) January 20, 2023

    ► CGY Application Requirements & Instructions

    ► CGY Online Application System

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