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The Field of Chinese Language Education in the U.S.: A Retrospective of the 20th Century / 二十世紀美國中文教學界的回顧

The Field of Chinese Language Education in the U.S.: A Retrospective of the 20th Century
Congratulations to Prof. Vivian Ling (淩志韞, Former IUP Director in Taipei, 1994-7) on publishing and editing this comprehensive book about Chinese language education in the US, China, and Taiwan. (Chapter 6.1-6.3 is about IUP/ICLP in Taipei in particular.) For more details, click:
*關於本書(About the book)
This book offers historical, philosophical, and sociocultural perspectives on Chinese language education for speakers of other languages with a special focus on Chinese language education in the United States. It provides a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary look at changes in CFL/CSL education over time in China and the U.S. and the philosophical, political and sociocultural influences that led to these changes. The essays address a wide array of topics related to Chinese language education, including:
*A historical overview of the field
*Theories that apply to CFL/CSL learning
*Policies and initiatives for CFL/CSL by the Chinese and U.S. governments
*Medium of instruction
*Curriculum and instruction for CFL/CSL learners at K-12 and college levels
*Technology for CFL/CSL education
*Chinese language learning for heritage learners
*CFL in study abroad contexts
*CFL teacher education and training
This book is the first account of the development of Chinese as a foreign language in the U.S., as it interacts with the relevant entities in China and beyond. There are virtually no systematic retrospective reflections on the field outside of the greater China region; and yet over the past decades the field has grown by leaps and bounds, and it is critical now that we pause to reflect on what has happened and what we can learn from the past. The contributors are among some of the most influential pioneers in the field whose entire academic lives have been dedicated to its development.
This work is essential reading for scholars and students interested in gaining a greater understanding of Chinese language education in the two countries and around the world.
*書評(Book Review)
“The timely and insightful volume under review here – the first collection of its kind – offers original, cross-disciplinary and in-depth discussions of a wide range of critical issues related to CLE in the United States and beyond, from pedagogical, historical, political, economic, linguistic and sociocultural perspectives. … It is a comprehensive and enlightening reference tool for teachers, scholars, policy-makers and students, and it suggests promising future research directions.”
(Hong Diao, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development,, August, 2017)
Vivian Ling was born in wartime China and educated in the U.S. She taught for 24 years at Oberlin College before moving overseas to direct study-abroad Chinese language programs, most notably the IUP in Taipei and Beijing. Her last position was Director of the Chinese Flagship program at Indiana University.

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