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Sanxia & Yingge Trip: Indigo Dyeing & Pottery Making 三峽鶯歌之旅

Sanxia & Yingge Trip: Indigo Dyeing & Pottery Making 三峽鶯歌之旅

Participation fee: NT$400, $500, $600
 (The prices include dyeing and making pottery; lunch excluded)

Registration Limit: 26 participants

Meeting Time: 9:00

Meeting Place: NTU Main Gate

*Prices differ because the sizes of indigo dyeing materials:
NT$400: 40cm*40cm handkerchief + pottery making
NT $500: 60cm*60cm handkerchief + pottery making
NT $600: 60cm*150cm scarf + pottery making

9:00 集合:台大門口 NTU main gate
10:00-11:30 Making your pottery 許新旺陶瓷 手拉坏
12:00-13:30 Sanxia Old Street 三峽老街 (午餐自理/lunch on own)
13:30-15:30 Indigo dyeing甘樂文創 藍染
16:40 Leave Sanxia 離開三峽
17:30 NTU main gate 回到台大正門口

  1. Each trip will need 20 persons; otherwise it’ll be cancelled.
  2. To register, please pay participation fee/deposit to ICLP Office on the 4th floor before September 14 (Wednesday).
  3. Lunches are not provided. Please prepare/buy on own.
* Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about trips.

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