The student will not be officially enrolled for classes until adequately covered by an insurance policy. Although ICLP does not provide hospital or medical services, there is a clinic on the National Taiwan University campus. Please visit the following website for information: Students are responsible for all the costs of medical services received at the NTU Health Center.
If the student is covered by an insurance policy, proof of insurance (a copy of the plan and ID) is required. Please provide all the necessary information in the insurance section of the enrollment form. The student needs to assure ICLP that her/his insurance plan provides adequate coverage for the period of attendance at ICLP.
If your insurance policy does not cover medical services abroad, please consider purchasing the ICLP group accident insurance offered through Nan Shan Life Insurance Company. Please find the insurance fee and insurance coverage as below. Students may sign up for this coverage, or choose any other insurance policy with comparable or better coverage. To purchase the ICLP group accident insurance, please check the “Sign up for the ICLP insurance” box in the insurance section of the enrollment form and pay the fee in CASH to the ICLP Office upon registration.

The ACCIDENT mentioned in the preceding paragraph means an external sudden incidence of injury not caused by disease.
The earliest starting date for each quarter is indicated on the following table. However, if you pay the fee after the starting date has passed, the coverage will be valid from the day the insurance company processes your application. When this occurs, the period will be shorter, but the fee remains the same regardless of the duration of coverage and is non-refundable.
Insurance Fee
Quarter Period Insurance Fee
Fall September 20th~December 19th (3 months) NT$1,200
Winter December 20th~March 19th (3 months) NT$1,200
Spring March 20th~June 19th (3 months) NT$1,200
Summer June 20th~September 19th (3 months) NT$1,200

Summary Of The Accident Insurance Coverage In Taiwan
Coverage Benefits
Accidental Death and Dismemberment NT$1,000,000
The Insurance Amount is payable upon the Insured’s death or the Insured’s dismemberment caused by an accident pursuant to the severity of dismemberment as specified in the policy.
Accidental Medical Reimbursement up to NT$100,000
Medical expenses resulting from an accident will be reimbursed, subject to a maximum 10% of the Insured Amount. The reimbursement amount will depend on the actual cost of medical services.
Hospitalization due to accident or illness NT$1,000/day

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