Alternative Housing

  • General Housing Guidelines
    There are a variety of housing options available in Taiwan. Choices range from economical dormitory-style facilities to upscale apartments and even houses for rent . Many students choose to stay in temporary housing for the first week or so of their stay in Taiwan while they look for more permanent accommodations. Although ICLP does its best to answer students’ questions and provides information on housing, ICLP is not able to provide students with housing directly or make hotel arrangements, etc..  ICLP students are liable for finding their own housing during the length of their stay in Taiwan.

    1. Students are advised to sign a contract and keep a copy in a safe place to avoid potentially costly misunderstandings. Most landlords will ask students to sign a one-year contract, but month-to-month agreements are also available. The ICLP office can help with any questions that students may have. We also advise students to check with classmates and program personnel (as to the cost, etc.) before making a final commitment or signing a contract. 

    2. In Taiwan, the size of an apartment is measured in "Pings" rather than square feet. One Ping is approximately equal to the size of two tatami mats, (i.e. 6' X 6', or 36sq.ft.). For example, a 20 ping apartment is about 720sq.ft. 

    3. Transportation
    1. MRT (Metro Taipei)
    2. Bus
    3. UBike
    Off-Campus Housing
    1. Taiwan Host Family Program (友善臺灣境外學生接待家庭專案計畫)

    2. Borderless House
    Live with Taiwanese people!
    Borderless House is a share house which keeps the balance between Taiwanese and foreign residents at 5:5, so you can live with Taiwanese people for sure! Our tenants speak in Chinese everyday with their housemates.
    Web page:

    3. My Room Abroad
    We collected over 450 rooms with English contracts around universities (and plan to expand to more than 1000 by the next semester). Most of the rooms are in the NTU area. We meet with all the landlords to make sure that they can speak English and that they can help the students if there is a problem in the apartment. Our website is in English to help the students to easily understand it. We have a search function that helps to search for rooms by university. You can find NTU in the search bar to help find the rooms around NTU campus.
    Web page:

    4. 外籍專業國際交流網 (Tealit)
    5. 閣樓青年會館 Attic (The Traveler's Hostel)
    Address: No.38-2, Ln. 230, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Taipei City 10091, Taiwan
    Tel: +886-2-2364-5313 ext. 500 (Service hours: 9:00 to 18:00, local time)
    6. 國際學舍 International House (I-House)
    102, XinPo 1st St., Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan
    Tel: 886-2-2910-3117

    7. YMCA 青年會 (Y Hotel Taipei)

    8. 救國團劍潭青年活動中心

    9. 紅米青年旅館 (Homey Hostel)
    10. 591租屋

    11. Craiglist

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