Matthew Silberman


  • Aside from the inevitable-but-minor internet issues that we've all gotten used to after a year on Zoom, ICLP's online classes are a game-changer when it comes to studying Chinese. Never before could people study advanced Chinese with such high-quality instruction, no matter where they're located. Thanks to ICLP's teachers — unmatched in their passion, flexibility, and knowledge — my classes so far have been incredibly engaging and conveniently timed even though I'm located all the way in the US. While I was initially worried that my limited daily exposure to Chinese aside from classes and homework would critically undermine my feeling of immersion, after a few months of class, I've even caught myself thinking in Chinese many times, something I never imagined given the circumstances. I'm sure ICLP will only continue to refine its system for online classes, and would recommend without hesitation that more people sign up!

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.