Mauricio Pineda-Arce


  •  I originally planned to study in Taiwan for only six months. But, after attending the Summer program at ICLP, I changed my mind and decided to enroll in the full academic-year program. After just a short time at ICLP, I was stunned by the rapidness of my improvement when I began to understand everyday, real-life conversations. I particularly like the way ICLP structures classes; having only 3 or 4 students per class hugely increases the amount of time the teacher can spend with individual students, so, no matter what, I had to start speaking! Then, on top of that, the one-on-one classes helped me polish my pronunciation and gave me a chance to ask any other questions I might have in more detail. I think the teachers at ICLP honestly care about my improvement and worked to design and tailor my classes not only according to my level, but also to target my weaknesses and build on my strengths. Because of their attention to detail, ICLP allowed me to dramatically improve my language skills in a very short period of time.

    I have had a great experience living and studying here in Taiwan because, for me, Taiwan is a place where visitors can experience traditional Chinese culture. Learning Chinese in this environment, where cultural traditions still play a big role in the daily lives of people, has helped me to understand the language in a deeper way. Taipei has been a really nice surprise. Only a week after arriving, I noticed how safe and friendly the city is. Living in such a relaxed environment just makes daily life so much easier. Making really good friends has proven possible as well! I think when the program finishes it will be hard to leave such a wonderful learning environment, so many good friends, and such a great city behind. But, in any case, I am so glad that I made the decision to come to ICLP to study Mandarin Chinese. 各位老師, 親愛的同學們再見!

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

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