Janice Neoh


  • Selamat Sejahtera.
    Growing up in a country where almost everyone is multilingual in one way or another, there was never an urgent need for me to master Mandarin. But I have always known that if the day when I would decide to learn Mandarin ever came, I would attend the best program the Chinese language world has to offer. Google pointed me in the direction of ICLP.
    ICLP certainly lives up to its expectations as the most intensive and effective Chinese language program anywhere. Under the effective tutelage of experienced and wonderful teachers at ICLP, my speaking, listening and reading abilities have improved by leaps and bounds. The teachers are not only meticulous, but also very supportive and encouraging. Moreover, ICLP’s tried-and-tested teaching methods not only enable students to master Mandarin, but also build character. Another thing about ICLP is that it attracts some of the brightest minds from around the world. These sudents are disciplined, self-motivated, and creative. I have been challenged, inspired and motivated by my fellow clasd the environment ICLP produced made all the difference in my time living and learning in Taiwan. Looking back, I am very pleased to say that I will leave ICLP with nothing but fond and inspiring memories of the lessons I have learned, in both the study of Mandarin and in life. Anyone who is willing to invest their time and effort in seriously improving their Mandarin should come to ICLP.

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The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.