Matthew Hess


  • I came to ICLP with a limited knowledge of the program’s history and reputation, but quickly learned why ICLP continues to earn recognition as one of the premier intensive Chinese language programs in the world.  In my experience at the ICLP, my teachers have proven themselves to be hardworking, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, flexible, and open. These qualities are amplified in the ICLP’s small classes, and combine to create an extremely productive Mandarin learning environment. The program offers a range of high-quality, ICLP-produced core language materials, but the ICLP is also extraordinarily flexible in meeting the research needs and personal interests of higher-level students. Whether your interests include diplomacy, food and drink culture, Tang Dynasty poetry, or financial and economic news, the ICLP faculty will do their best to produce a course that suits your interests. In any case, ICLP is a place where students are heavily encouraged, if not required, to commit a major part of their daily lives to the study of Mandarin Chinese, and, as a reward for that effort, the vast majority of students experience rapid and dramatic improvement in their Mandarin Chinese proficiency.

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.