Walter Tomas Klemann


  • I joined ICLP as an advanced beginner, having previously studied Chinese in China for one year.  Although at the time I could already hold simple, day-to-day conversations in Chinese, I was unable to discuss complex issues or understand newspaper articles for that matter.  However, after a year at ICLP my Chinese has greatly improved on various levels.  Not only can I talk about a wide range of topics, but what once seemed like daunting tasks, such as reading the newspaper or giving presentations in Chinese have now become relatively easy and manageable activities.  The key to my improvement are ICLP’s learning environment and its excellent faculty.  The fact that class sizes are small and students attending ICLP are very serious about their studies helps create an environment which is second to none for the dedicated Chinese student.  In terms of the faculty, the teachers are highly engaged, passionate and possess years of teaching experience.  Overall, although the program itself is very demanding and requires a lot of hard work, the results are absolutely worth it.  For those who are seriously committed to improving their Chinese and are willing to make the effort, ICLP is definitely the right place to be.

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.