Allison Goodwin


  • It is difficult for me to express what a wonderful program the ICLP is. Let it suffice to say that I cannot imagine that you could find a better Chinese Language Program anywhere. The teaching methods are extremely effective and efficient, and the teaching materials well chosen. The faculty and administration are devoted, warm, generous, very good at their jobs, and willing to bend over backwards to help in any way they can. The students who come here are bright, mature, kind, interesting people. What else? Every couple of weeks there are interesting free lectures about Chinese culture by scholars or fellow students. There are student trips to beautiful or interesting places in and outside of Taipei. And there is a Friday night club that takes students out to reasonable restaurants all over town. There is an almost family-like atmosphere here. And a feeling of great good will. Everyone I have met here has been very, very happy--and our Chinese has improved immeasurably--even in a matter of just months!

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.