• 1.How are the living accommodations at Taipei Paradise?+

    Please reference their website: Taipei Paradise
  • 2.Can rent be calculated based on the number of days I stay?+

    Rent is calculated on a quarterly basis.

  • 3.Can I pay rent in instalments?+

    According to regulation, rent must be paid in full to confirm your reservation of the room. 
  • 4.How do I pay my housing deposit and rent money? Can I pay by check or should I pay in cash?+

    The deposit should be paid in cash in New Taiwan dollars or in a foreign currency of equivalent value (35,000 NTD). Checks will not be accepted.
  • 5.How do I guarantee that I have reserved a room? (rent, receipt of reservation, and tenancy contract – electronic files)+

    Because there are many applicants and limited rooms, room reservations will be confirmed in the order of receipt of payment. This will also be the case if there is a waiting list. Students interested in reserving a room must pay their rent in full prior to the deadline, otherwise forfeiting their spot in line and forfeiting their deposit. 
  • 6.Does rent cover daily household items?+

    Rent does not cover the costs of household items (bed sheets, pillows, towels, tableware). Rent does cover other expenses, including the furniture, television, wi-fi, kitchen stovetop, etc.
  • 7.If the room is damaged in some way, will the deposit be taken in full?+

    The answer depends on the severity of the damage, and will be at the discretion of Taipei Paradise, who will inform you of the amount to be paid in compensation upon learning about the incident. 

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