• 1.May people who are not ICLP students purchase ICLP teaching materials? May alumni purchase ICLP teaching materials?+

    The ICLP is only able to order sufficient books for the upcoming term, primarily to provide for students to use during that term. Apologetically, the ICLP does not order books for alumni or for students not from the ICLP. 
  • 2.Can ICLP teaching materials be purchased at locations other than the ICLP?+

    Because the ICLP has yet to establish a publishing house, printing on a large scale is not yet possible, and teaching materials are only sufficient to meet the needs of current students. Therefore, it is also not possible to find ICLP teaching materials for purchase elsewhere. (Note: “Thought and Society” has been sent to SMC Publishing Inc.) 

  • 3.May I use a credit card to pay for my textbooks?+

    We only except cash in New Taiwan dollars paid in person.

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