• 1.When do classes meet? Is there class on the weekend?+

    Classes start at the earliest at 8:10am and finish at the latest at 4pm (possibly 5pm). There is no class on the weekend.
  • 2.May students pick their classes themselves? (e.g. concentrating in legal studies or business) Is it true that after reaching a certain level, students may pick their own classes?+

    First semester class schedules are determined based on placement test results. Starting from the second semester, students may select a portion of their classes based on discussions with their advisor and the teachers in the academic affairs office. Core classes may not be chosen by the student.
  • 3.Can I take only individual classes during the first semester? Am I required to take one individual class and three group classes? At what level are students allowed to decide how many classes they enroll in?+

    New students of all levels must take one individual class and three group classes. Only students in their second year onward have the option of choosing a variant course schedule. The class schedule for new students is determined based on the results of the placement test taken by each student upon enrolling at the ICLP.

    If ICLP is unable to find a class that suits a student's exact level or learning pace, our Instructional Office will modify the student's class module to two one-on-one classes a day so as to facilitate their learning. The tuition is the same for both modules because one-on-one classes provide tailored instruction and focused attention on the student's individual learning needs. 
  • 4.Is auditing allowed?+

    Because these are language classes prioritizing small class sizes, auditing is not permitted.
  • 5.I would like to work while taking classes at the ICLP, would it be permissible for me to only have two hours of class per day?+

    Our curriculum is intensive and the workload is quite heavy, requiring four hours of class per day and at least 4-6 hours of out of class preparation time, leaving no time to partake in a full or part time job on the side.  
  • 6.Do returning students need to re-take the placement test?+

    Returning students who have been away for over half a year must reapply and retake the placement test because their language level may have changed.
  • 7.What rules must ICLP students follow? Has the ICLP expelled students for disobeying the rules in the past?+

    Students must come to class on time and thoroughly prepare for their classes, and respect their classmates, teachers, and the ICLP staff. According to the ICLP regulations, the school maintains the right to expel a student who has disobeyed the rules, and/or reject their application for admission the following semester.  

    Rules: ICLP Language & Attendance Pledge
  • 8.Are there restrictions on applicants based on age or academic credentials?+

    Academic restrictions: college student or above.
    Age restrictions: 18 or older. If the applicant has just graduated from high school, he or she must have already begun university. If the applicant has graduated from high school but has not yet formally begun study at a university, please apply for ICLP’s Chinese Gap Year (CGY) in Taipei program.
  • 9.I have submitted a complete application; how long should I expect to wait before receiving an offer of admission?+

    Application materials must be received in full before processing can take place. Please be sure to turn in all of your application materials at the same time. If sections are submitted at different times, this may delay our processing time. Wait time will vary depending on the situation (for example wait time will differ at the start or end of classes or during a national holiday)
  • 10.If the deadline for applications has already passed, can I still apply?+

    Yes, until the incoming class is filled. If there are available spots, applications will be accepted. However, the ICLP requires a fixed amount of time for processing applications. Also, please be wary that international fund transfers take longer. 

  • 11.Why does the ICLP require so many application materials (such as a resume, statement of purpose, recommendation letters and official transcripts)?+

    Because our curriculum is quite intensive, students must be able to take on a great deal of pressure. The school requires ample application materials to determine whether applicants can meet the challenge of the ICLP’s coursework. Returning students do not need to resubmit the aforementioned materials. 
  • 12.If a student is unable to arrive before the start of the term, would it be possible for him or her to take the placement test over the phone/on skype?+

    It is possible to register in advance. If you are unable to take the placement test as scheduled, please take the initiative to make an appointment with the office at the ICLP to arrange to take the exam at a different time. Please make sure to contact the office in advance to ensure that there is enough time for the ICLP to arrange class schedules in time.

    Oral portion: timing must work for the teacher administering the oral exam, taking into account different time zones. 
    Written portion: must complete two hour written exam during ICLP office hours at sometime prior to the start of classes. 
  • 13.How and when can I apply for tuition refund?+

    ICLP's refund policy is in compliance with the Regulations for Implementation of Continuing Education at Higher Education Institutions (專科以上學校推廣教育實施辦法修正條文; 100.1.11教育部令) enacted by the R.O.C Ministry of Education:
    1. Students who submit a refund application after they make the payment and before their courses begin are entitled to a 90% refund of the tuition.
    2. Students who submit a refund application before passing the first third of their courses are entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition.
    3. There will be no refund after the first third of the course.
    Please refer to the ► Fee sections of our programs for more details.
  • 14.May people who are not ICLP students purchase ICLP teaching materials? May alumni purchase ICLP teaching materials?+

    The ICLP is only able to order sufficient books for the upcoming term, primarily to provide for students to use during that term. Apologetically, the ICLP does not order books for alumni or for students not from the ICLP. 
  • 15.Can ICLP teaching materials be purchased at locations other than the ICLP?+

    Because the ICLP has yet to establish a publishing house, printing on a large scale is not yet possible, and teaching materials are only sufficient to meet the needs of current students. Therefore, it is also not possible to find ICLP teaching materials for purchase elsewhere. (Note: “Thought and Society” has been sent to SMC Publishing Inc.) 

  • 16.May I use a credit card to pay for my textbooks?+

    We only except cash in New Taiwan dollars paid in person.
  • 17.How are the living accommodations at Taipei Paradise?+

    Please reference their website: Taipei Paradise
  • 18.Can rent be calculated based on the number of days I stay?+

    Rent is calculated on a quarterly basis.

  • 19.Can I pay rent in instalments?+

    According to regulation, rent must be paid in full to confirm your reservation of the room. 
  • 20.How do I pay my housing deposit and rent money? Can I pay by check or should I pay in cash?+

    The deposit should be paid in cash in New Taiwan dollars or in a foreign currency of equivalent value (35,000 NTD). Checks will not be accepted.
  • 21.How do I guarantee that I have reserved a room? (rent, receipt of reservation, and tenancy contract – electronic files)+

    Because there are many applicants and limited rooms, room reservations will be confirmed in the order of receipt of payment. This will also be the case if there is a waiting list. Students interested in reserving a room must pay their rent in full prior to the deadline, otherwise forfeiting their spot in line and forfeiting their deposit. 
  • 22.Does rent cover daily household items?+

    Rent does not cover the costs of household items (bed sheets, pillows, towels, tableware). Rent does cover other expenses, including the furniture, television, wi-fi, kitchen stovetop, etc.
  • 23.If the room is damaged in some way, will the deposit be taken in full?+

    The answer depends on the severity of the damage, and will be at the discretion of Taipei Paradise, who will inform you of the amount to be paid in compensation upon learning about the incident. 
  • 24.The dates of each term at the ICLP are different from other Chinese language schools, what should I take note of if I am applying for scholarship funding from the Ministry of Education?+

    Please take note of whether or not the total number of hours in class on average per term conforms with the regulations for scholarship recipients of funding from the Ministry of Education: 教育部獎學金時數規定

    Class time hours: 60 hours/month or 15 hours/week. Absences must not exceed 12 classroom hours per month. 
  • 25.What should Ministry of Education scholarship recipients know before (and after) arriving in Taiwan?+

    HES award recipients must note that Ministry of Education scholarships are not sufficient to cover ICLP tuition in full for the following reasons:

    1. Tuition must be paid in full prior to enrollment;  
    2. Scholarship funding is distributed on a monthly basis;
    3. Award recipients who are late in handing in necessary materials will delay the distribution of their scholarship funding. Please allot sufficient time for the ICLP to complete processing. Also, please note that the term at the ICLP starts later than at most schools.

    Recipients must open a bank account at a Taiwanese post office: for further information regarding the process and needed materials please see: 教育部獎學金
  • 26.Do you have to be a student at the ICLP to work as the editor of the ICLP electronic newsletter?+

    The ICLP e-newsletter is a platform for current students to exchange ideas and gain publishing experience. For this reason, students from outside of the ICLP are not allowed to submit articles or participate in the editing of the newsletter.
  • 27.What visa should ICLP students apply for? American citizens traveling to Taiwan are visa exempt; does this imply that as an American citizen I could enter as a tourist and not need any other visa?+

    Please apply for a visitor visa for the purpose of studying Chinese at your nearest Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO).
    For information concerning visa applications please see: Visa

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