#1Flagship Summer Program 領航班

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  • one-on-one class
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  • small group class
  • ICLP has been offering a rigorous summer program to Flagship students since 2012. Over the years, Flagship students who received intensive language instruction at ICLP have found their speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities to improve by at least one sub-level over the course of one summer.

    Founded in 1962 to train and develop the oral discursive ability of America's academic elite, ICLP has provided instruction to many alumni who serve in academia and government over the last half century. ICLP is situated on the Main Campus of the National Taiwan University in Taipei, offering Flagship students access to the NTU Main Library, Health Center, Sports Center, and other facilities in addition to ICLP facilities.

    By coming to ICLP to study, you will not only greatly improve your Chinese language ability, but also enjoy Taiwan's abundant, diverse, and exquisite cultures. We have specially formulated this program for Flagship students to provide you with the best study environment with an ideal living arrangement.

    *This program is for students affiliated with the Flagship Program at the following universities:
    • Arizona State University
    • Brigham Young University
    • Hunter College
    • Indiana University
    • San Francisco State University
    • University of Hawaii, Manoa
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Mississippi
    • University of North Georgia
    • University of Oregon
    • University of Rhode Island
    • Western Kentucky University

    PROGRAM DURATION: 9 weeks (June 4–August 17)
    INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS: 176 hours (4 hours/day)

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    ► Application Information

    At least one sub-level of progress in speaking, listening, reading and writing; students must sign a 24-hour LANGUAGE PLEDGE to speak only Chinese for the duration of the program.

    To be determined by each student's home institution. ICLP will email and mail a copy of your transcript to your Flagship Center at the end of the program. If your Study Abroad or Registrar's Office requires an official copy as well, please request and pay for one prior to leaving Taiwan.

    Taipei Paradise, a serviced apartment complex close to ICLP with the following AMENITIES:
    living room, kitchen (oven, microwave, refrigerator), separate washroom and bathroom, bed, bedding (mattress, blanket and pillow), desk, wardrobe, washer and dryer, TV, internet access, air-conditioner, hot water (available 24 hours), cleaning service (weekly).
    *All rooms are double occupancy. ► More housing information

    Determined according to the student's language proficiency level. Please refer to the graph below for details.
    Language Level
    Spoken Language Text
    Reading/Writing Text
    Individual Class
    Intermediate Mid
    Far East Everyday Chinese III
    Stories from Chinese History I
    Cold Reading
    (Authentic Materials)
    Intermediate High
    Talks on Chinese Culture
    Learning Chinese with Newspaper I
    Cold Reading
    (Authentic Materials)
    Advanced Low
    Thought and Society
    Learning Chinese with Newspaper II
    Cold Reading
    (Authentic Materials)
    Advanced Mid & above
    News and Views
    The Independent Reader
    Cold Reading
    (Authentic Materials)

    Daily dictation quizzes, essays, presentations, language tasks, debates, and written exams
  • 2018 FLAGSHIPMONDAY, JUNE 4, 2018 TO FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018
    6/4 (Monday) Latest arrival date for new students
    6/5 (Tuesday) Placement Test for Flagship students
    6/7-6/14 (Thursday-Thursday) Orientation Week (Attendance Required)
    6/15 (Friday) Class schedule distribution; Textbooks ready for purchase
    6/16-6/18 (Saturday-Monday) National Holiday: Dragon Boat Festival (ICLP closed)
    6/19 (Tuesday) Classes begin
    7/28-31 (Saturday-Tuesday) Language Mission Days
    8/10 (Friday) Fall tuition due
    8/16 (Thursday) Final exam; Exit Exam
    8/17 (Friday) Last day of Summer Quarter

    Note: The above schedule is subject to change in accordance with the announcement made by the Central Personnel Administration, Taiwan.



    ICLP 2017-2018 Calendar
    ICLP 2018-2019 Calendar
    Tuition US$4,600 *Textbooks included
    Tuition Balance of US$4,000 due by May 18, 2018
    Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit US$600 Due by March 1, 2018
    *Will be credited against the total tuition fee of US$4,600
    Off-campus Dormitory NT$52,500 (approx.US $1,750) Due by May 18, 2018
    Housing Security Deposit NT$9,000 or US$300 in cash Due on June 4, 2018
    *To be paid in cash upon arrival at ICLP. Returned in full upon passing the check-out inspection

    ► Starting in 2018, all tuition and off-campus dormitory fee for Flagship students will be charged in New Taiwan Dollar by credit card or Paypal; hence, the amount in US dollar is subject to change without notice. (The amount in NT dollar is currently converted by an exchange rate of US$1 to NT$30.)

    ► Self-financed students MUST pay the FULL tuition fees and other required fees no later than on Registration Day (latest arrival date). Otherwise, ICLP reserves the right to NOT schedule your courses.​​

    #Refund Policy
    In case you need to withdraw from the Program, please note the following refund guidelines:
    1. Students who submit refund application after they make the payment and before the course starts are entitled to a 90% refund of the tuition. 
    2. Students who submit refund application before passing the first third of the course are entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition.
    3. There will be no refund after the first third of the course.
    4. If the class is not open because there are fewer students enrolled than it is required or because of other reasons which has nothing to do with students, all the fees which are already paid will be returned.
    5. Except for the situation mentioned in point 4, there is no refund for the application fee.
    6. Refund application shall be submitted by 17:00 of the deadline. Please submit the following application documents to the ICLP office in person (the procedure takes about 1 hour)
    7. Refund application documents:
      1. application form
      2. original receipt
      3. original ICLP student ID card
      4. the photography of ID card/passport/ARC
      5. the photocopy of the cover page of the applicant’s bank account book (which shall clearly indicate the name of the branch of the bank and the account number)
    8. The refund can be expected in 3 weeks after the application submission is accepted and confirmed by the ICLP office (bank remittance handling fee might be charged, and the fee will be charged from the student).
    9. Postponing the enrollment: Those who cannot continue the program can apply for a “postponement of enrollment”.
      1. Application before the course starts: The enrollment and full tuition fee will be kept for one year.
      2. Application before passing the first third of the course: The enrollment and 2/3 of the tuition fee will be kept for one year. And the applicants shall pay the rest of the tuition fee before the beginning of the quarter the applicants plan to enroll in.
      3. No application for “postponement of enrollment” is accepted after passing the first third of the course.
      4. A handling fee and the difference in tuition will be charged in case the tuition fee is raised. But there is no refund if the tuition fee is reduced.
      5. The enrollment can be postponed only once. And once you apply for the postponement, no more refund will be given (even if you still cannot attend the course). 
    *The refund policy is in compliance with the Regulations for Implementation of Continuing Education at Higher Education Institutions (專科以上學校推廣教育實施辦法修正條文; 100.1.11教育部令) enacted by the R.O.C Ministry of Education
  • 2018 Flagship Summer Program
    Flagship students with overall Chinese language ability at or above the Intermediate-Mid level.

    1. Application Form
      Includes a 200-word statement of purpose.
    2. ID photo
      Please provide a digital, passport-sized, high-resolution photo in JPEG, JPG or PNG format. The Photo will be used for making your student ID card once you are admitted.
    3. List of Chinese language courses taken
    4. Language skills assessment form
      To be completed directly on the ICLP Online Application System by your language instructor
    5. Chinese language proficiency exams and scores (if applicable)
    Application Deadline (Taiwan Time, UTC +8):
    Priority Deadline: January 31 (Wednesday)
    Regular Deadline: February 16 (Friday)

    Acceptance Notification (for applications received by February 16):
    Due to the number of applications we received this year, the notification date has been postponed to March 5 (Monday). Our sincere apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.

    ► ICLP Online Application System

    The compatibility issues with Internet Explorer have been fixed; if pop-up messages are still not showing up properly, please try switching to another browser. Our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    To apply for other programs, please visit Academic Year Program or Summer Program.

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