• 1.Are there restrictions on applicants based on age or academic credentials?+

    Academic restrictions: college student or above.
    Age restrictions: 18 or older. If the applicant has just graduated from high school, he or she must have already been admitted to university.
  • 2.I have submitted a complete application; how long should I expect to wait before receiving an offer of admission?+

    Application materials must be received in full before processing can take place. Please be sure to turn in all of your application materials at the same time. If sections are submitted at different times, this may delay our processing time. Wait time will vary depending on the situation (for example wait time will differ at the start or end of classes or during a national holiday)
  • 3.If the deadline for applications has already passed, can I still apply?+

    Yes, until the incoming class is filled. If there are available spots, applications will be accepted. However, the ICLP requires a fixed amount of time for processing applications. Also, please be wary that international fund transfers take longer. 

  • 4.Why does the ICLP require so many application materials (such as a resume, statement of purpose, recommendation letters and official transcripts)?+

    Because our curriculum is quite intensive, students must be able to take on a great deal of pressure. The school requires ample application materials to determine whether applicants can meet the challenge of the ICLP’s coursework. Returning students do not need to resubmit the aforementioned materials. 
  • 5.If a student is unable to arrive before the start of the term, would it be possible for him or her to take the placement test over the phone/on skype?+

    It is possible to register in advance. If you are unable to take the placement test as scheduled, please take the initiative to make an appointment with the office at the ICLP to arrange to take the exam at a different time. Please make sure to contact the office in advance to ensure that there is enough time for the ICLP to arrange class schedules in time.

    Oral portion: timing must work for the teacher administering the oral exam, taking into account different time zones. 
    Written portion: must complete two hour written exam during ICLP office hours at sometime prior to the start of classes. 

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