14.May.2021 / [2021-05-14~]

紧急公告:臺大5/17起启动全面远距教学等防疫措施 Urgent Announcement from NTU: Preventive Measures and Remote Learning for All Classes Starting May 17

Dear NTU students and colleagues,

With the increasing number of infections in Taipei City and New Taipei City, the pandemic situation is now approaching Alert Level 3 (orange light). In response to this urgency, the University is asking all departments and offices to comply with the following preventive measures.

Starting May 15, events organized by administrative offices or by colleges and departments (e.g. small-scale commencements) shall be canceled or postponed to a later date if they cannot be held online.
The Sports Center will be temporarily closed. Starting May 15, the NTU Main Library will close its study rooms and reading rooms; circulation services will still be available.
Starting May 15, access to the University will be limited to the Main Gate, Xinhai Gate, and Changxing Gate. NTU, NTNU, or NTUST faculty, staff and students, on-campus Academia Sinica staff, NTU alumni, and retired personnel should present a relevant ID card to enter the University. Visitors for official purposes should also present an ID card and relevant paperwork (e.g. a meeting notification, invitation, email, visitor/work pass, or others in paper or electronically). Those without any proof documents should be chaperoned by staff of the receiving departments/offices to enter. University premises must continue to be staffed for temperature taking at the entrance and real-name system should also be implemented.
Starting May 15, students should refrain from entering the University unless absolutely necessary and they should also decrease the number of going out. Preventive measures must be fully observed to minimize the risk of infection. Student club events will be suspended or go online and event venues at the Activity Center will be closed (students are allowed to pick up personal belongings from club offices). The Student Counseling Center will continue to provide intake and counseling services and inquiry for relevant resources will still be available via telephone or email.
Starting May 15, campus restaurants/cafeterias will encourage diners to buy take-outs. Those dining indoors should be seated alone at a table or share one installed with a protective board.
On the morning of this Saturday (May 15), the General Service Division of the Office of General Affairs will begin a large-scale disinfection at the University’s public spaces.
Starting May 15, all classes will be taught remotely. Students will be denied access to university-owned teaching halls. Faculty, staff, and teaching assistants may be allowed in to record online courses. Faculty members in charge of laboratories should schedule their usage, with each session being simultaneously used by up to four people.
Starting May 17, all departments and administrative offices groups considering staff’s areas of responsibilities should plan how to work from home, work in different locations, or rotate staff in smaller groups. A list to this purpose should be provided to the Personnel Department.
Preventive measures will constantly be adjusted in accordance with the CECC’s latest announcements. The University is asking for your compliance with the preventive measures.
As the COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc, please be reminded to wear a mask at all times when you go out, wash hands frequently, and keep appropriate social distancing. Be on alert for suspected symptoms: fever, respiratory complications, diarrhea, and abnormality of smell and taste. If they appear, please wear a medical mask, immediately seek medical attention at a nearby hospital for COVID-19 testing, and refrain from using any public transportation. When in the hospital for treatment, please voluntarily tell the physician your contact and travel history, potential occupational exposure to the virus, as well as people around you with similar symptoms. When you return home, please also wear a medical mask and avoid going out if not necessary.


5月15日起本校餐厅鼓励外带餐点。 如不得已而内用餐点,需採一人一桌、或于桌面上放置格板隔离。
5月17日起本校各单位可依业务内容属性调整办公方式, 安排採居家办公、异地办公、或分批办公方式办公,并应向人事室提供名册。

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