Call for ICLP Scholarships: A Click to Make Dreams Come True

Established in 1962, the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) has trained countless leaders in the fields of academia, politics, law, and business. Their proficiency in Mandarin Chinese has enabled them to help more people and greatly impact both academia and society. However, the broader the dream, the more help and support it needs.

Over the last few years, there have been a considerable number of impressive students who were forced to give up the opportunity to come to ICLP due to financial difficulties. To support these young students with big dreams, we are reaching out to our alumni to solicit donations for scholarships that will help transform these dreams into reality. The details of the donations are as follows:
  1. 校友指定捐赠奖学金给同校就读的学生。例如毕业于加州大学系统的校友,可指定奖学金给该校学生。
    Alumni can designate the scholarship to go toward students from a specific school. For instance, alumni of the University of California (UC) system can designate their aid to be given specifically to students who are also from the same school.
  2. 奖学金捐款金额达US$5,000元以上,捐款人可以指定命名,例如自己的名字,或以纪念(祖)父母亲为名。受奖人将书写感谢函予捐款人。
    The donor can name the scholarship if the funding is more than US$5,000. For example, the scholarship can be named after the donor or his/her (grand)parents. The student who receives the scholarship will write a letter of thanks to the donor.
  3. 小额信用卡定期捐款。例如每个月扣款USD$10(或任何数额)做为奖学金基金。
    Credit card donation on a recurring basis is also an option. For instance, a donation of US$10 (or any amount) can be made each month.

To make a donation online, please be sure to specify your donation to "International Chinese Language Program", or "国际华语研习所".

捐款步骤 / Donation Procedures

捐款页面 / Make a Gift

(个人注册后即可捐款 / Once registered, you will be able to donate.)

If you live in the US, the donation will be tax deductible.

We are sincerely grateful to Professor Joseph R. Allen (周文龍教授, President of the ICLP Alumni Association and Professor Emeritus of Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) for his generous donation of US$2,500 to the ICLP scholarship fund. We hope that this will be a good start, and we will be able to help more young students fulfill their dreams and have greater achievements in the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us:

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