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What ICLP Offers

ICLP provides a year-long language program in a Mandarin-speaking environment which upholds much of its traditional Chinese heritage and culture within the framework of a modern democratic society.

ICLP enables students to achieve broad and independent competence in spoken Chinese and to develop reading skills needed for academic research or professional use. ICLP has an audio-visual room, reference library and computer lab with full Internet access for the use of students. Situated within the campus of National Taiwan University (NTU), it enjoys the benefits of a central location in Taipei along with access to the full range of NTU's academic, extracurricular, and health resources.
ICLP History

The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), the world's premier institution for the instruction of both modern and classical Chinese, was established in 1962 to cater to the needs of Stanford University students for Chinese Language Studies. Since then, it has offered intensive language training to thousands of students from more than 30 countries.

ICLP's earliest history begins in 1961, with Stanford University's planning of a Mandarin training center on the campus of National Taiwan University in Taipei. The original program was designed to meet the stringent research and educational needs of Stanford University students. In 1963, the Inter-University Board was created and the official name became the "Inter-University Program," commonly referred to as the "Stanford Center." Owing to the quality of the teachers and materials, as well as the intensity of instruction, this program quickly became the world's premier center for the intensive study of Mandarin Chinese, training many of the world's current diplomats, academics, and business leaders.

In 1997, NTU assumed full administration of the program, and the official name was changed to the "International Chinese Language Program," or ICLP, at National Taiwan University. The International Chinese Language Program maintains the traditions of small classes and intensive instruction that have made it the standard against which other Mandarin training programs are measured. Proud of our past, and looking towards the future, the ICLP faculty and staff warmly welcome students of all backgrounds to join us in the study of Chinese language and culture.


Former and Current Directors
Term of Office Chinese Name English Name Notes
Prior to 1962 倪文孫 Joseph R. Levenson Organizers from Stanford University
勃魯克 E. Howard Brooks
1962-1964 丁愛博 Albert E. Dien
  1. Stanford University
  2. First Director of The Stanford Center
  3. In 1963, The Stanford Center was expanded to be "Inter-University Program."
1964-1965 范力沛 Lyman P. Van Slyke Stanford University
1965-1966 密海瑞 Harriet Mills Michigan University
1966-1967 杜爾文 James E. Dew Michigan University
1967-1968 魏斐德 Frederic Wakeman, Jr. U.C. Berkeley
1968-1969 李克爾 Carl Leban Kansas University
1969-1970 簡慕善 John C. Jamieson U.C. Berkeley
1970-1971 任希之 James J. Wrenn Brown University
1971-1972 包德威 David D. Buck University of Wisconsin–Madison
1972-1973 白德明 M. Dayle Barnes Pittsburgh University
1973-1975 杜爾文 James E. Dew Michigan University
1975-1980 史威廉 William M. Speidel Oberlin University
1980-1981 安德生 James B. Reardon-Anderson Johns Hopkins University
1981-1982 鄧守信 Shou-hsin Teng U. Massachusetts at Amherst
1982-1991 杜爾文 James E. Dew Michigan University
1991-1993 鄧守信 Shou-hsin Teng U. Massachusetts at Amherst
1993-1994 周質平 Chih-p'ing Chou Princeton University
1994-1997 淩志韞 Vivian Ling In 1997 IUP was relocated to Tsinghua University, Beijing.
1997-2002 梁欣榮 Yanwing Leung National Taiwan University
The First ICLP Director
2002-2006 陳凌霞 Ling-hsia Chen National Taiwan University
2006-2007.07 應小陵 Hsiao-ling Ying National Taiwan University
2007.08-2007.09 蔡秀枝 Hsiu-chih Tsai National Taiwan University
2007.10-2014.07 梁欣榮 Yanwing Leung National Taiwan University
2014.08-2015.07 蔡秀枝 Hsiu-chih Tsai National Taiwan University
2015.08-2018.07 邱錦榮 Chin-jung Chiu
  1. Deputy Director: Wei-hong Kao (高維泓, 2015.08-2018.07)
  2. 2015.12升格為校內二級單位
2018.08- 高維泓 Wei-hong Kao Deputy Director: Hsiang-I Lin (林湘漪, 2018.08-)

“ Welcome to ICLP ”

The Premier Program for Intensive Training in Advanced Chinese in Taiwan.