NTU Chinese

#Elementary 初級

"NTU Chinese" is a software program that helps consolidating learners’ pronunciation accuracy by its error correction system.  With combination of classroom instruction and intensive practice, learners can make the most of it. 

The content of the textbook is mainly comprised of short dialogues in communicative context.  This course aims to enable beginners to carry out basic communication in Chinese and to interact with Chinese speakers in a variety of situations through the events and backgrounds designed by the author.

Unlike other ICLP textbooks, “NTU Chinese” is mainly written in pinyin system with supplementary traditional Chinese characters.  The dialogues are written in pinyin with tones and translation in English.  Considering that most beginners have difficulty reading Chinese in its correct intonation and tones, the author added them to pinyin to help beginners pronounce the words more accurately. 

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