#1Flagship Summer Program領航班

one-on-one class
  • one-on-one class
  • small group class
  • small group class
  • The program is rigorous, if students wish to travel or go sightseeing, they should plan to do it either before or after the program. 

    For the last two years, Flagship students have received intensive language instruction as part of ICLP's summer program and have all found that their spoken, listening, reading and writing abilities have improved by at least one sub-level. This is because ICLP was founded for the purpose of training and developing the oral discursive ability of America's academic elite. Since ICLP was founded in 1962, 75% of its alumni serve or have served in academia and the other 25% are distributed across legal, business, and government professions, serving as high level executives. It is clear to see that advanced language ability contributes to professional success. 

    ICLP is situated on the Main Campus of Taipei's National Taiwan University. National Taiwan University is ranked the number one university in Asia and 87th on world university league tables, and is equipped with ample academic resources. By coming to ICLP to study you can not only greatly improve your Chinese oral expression, but also enjoy Taiwan's abundant, diverse, and exquisite culture. We have specially formulated a 2016 Summer Course for Flagship students to provide an even better study and living environment. It is as follows: 

    This program is for students affiliated with the Flagship Program from the following universities:
    • Arizona State University
    • Brigham Young University
    • Hunter College
    • Indiana University
    • San Francisco State University
    • University of Hawaii, Manoa
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Mississippi
    • University of North Georgia
    • University of Oregon
    • University of Rhode Island
    • Western Kentucky University

    #Program Duration
    9 weeks 

    #Instructional hours
    176 hours (4 hours/day)    

    #Class Location
    International Chinese Language Program, National Taiwan University    

    #Proficiency Target
    At least one sub-level of progress in each of speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities.    

    To be determined by each institution    

    #Language pledge
    Students must sign a 24-hour language pledge to speak only Chinese for the duration of the program.    

    Taipei Paradise

    #Class Types
    1. Speaking and listening class. 
    2. Reading and writing class.    

    Daily dictation quizzes, essays, presentations, language tasks, debates, and written exams.    

    #Teaching Materials
    Determined on the basis of the student’s language proficiency level. For example, Far East Everyday Chinese, Talks on Chinese Culture etc. The total cost for the textbooks will be approximately US$50.
    (Find more details on Textbooks)
  • 2018 FLAGSHIPMONDAY, JUNE 4, 2018 TO FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2018
    6/4 (Monday) Latest arrival date for new students
    6/5 (Tuesday) Placement Test for Flagship students
    6/7-6/8 (Thursday-Friday) Orientation Days (Attendance Required)
    6/11 (Monday) Class schedule distribution; Textbooks ready for purchase
    6/12 (Tuesday) Classes begin
    6/16-6/18 (Saturday-Monday) National Holiday: Dragon Boat Festival (ICLP closed)
    7/21-24 (Saturday-Tuesday) Language Mission Days
    8/3 (Friday) Fall tuition due
    8/9 (Thursday) Final exam; Exit Exam
    8/10 (Friday) Last day of Summer Quarter
    Note: The above schedule is subject to change in accordance with the announcement made by the Central Personnel Administration, Taiwan.


    ICLP 2017-2018 Calendar
  • #Program Fees and Others
    Instructional Cost US $4,100
    (Textbook fee excluded)
    Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit US $500
    (Due by March 1)
    Off-campus Dormitory US $1,500
    (Due by May 31)
    Housing Deposit US$300 in cash
    (Refundable; Pay in cash to ICLP office upon arrival)

    ►Deposit and tuition fees may be paid in the following currencies: U.S. dollars, Taiwan dollars, Hong Kong dollars, British pound sterling, New Zealand dollars, Australian dollars, Singapore dollars, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars, Japan Yen, Swedish krona, South African Rands, Thai Bahts, or Euros. If you would like to pay in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, however, please make sure to contact ICLP in advance and find out the equivalent amount to pay according to exchange rates at that time.
    ►Self-financed students MUST pay the FULL tuition fees and other required fees no later than Registration Day (latest arrival date). Please be sure to pay the service charge for remittance. Otherwise, ICLP reserves the right to NOT schedule your courses.
    ►​Check payors are required to cover the check-cashing fees by including an additional US$50 for each check they submit to ICLP. For checks with a face value of US$2,000 or more, the cashing fee for each check is US$80. The above rates are applicable to all checks sent in on and later than June 12, 2017 (by postmark). Applicants are strongly encouraged to use alternative paying methods, such as wire transfer, for all application fee, deposit, and tuition payment.

    #Textbook Fee
    Language Level
    Spoken Language Text
    Reading/Writing Text 
    Individual Class
    Intermediate M
    Far Eastern Everyday Chinese III
    Chinese Historica Stories I
    Cold Reading & Writing
    (Authentic Materials)
    Intermediate H
    Talks on Chinese Culture
    Learning Chinese with Newspaper I
    Cold Reading & Writing
    (Authentic Materials)
    Advanced L
    Thought an Society
    Learning Chinese with Newspaper II
    Cold Reading & Writing
    (Authentic Materials)
    The Independent Reader
    Cold Reading & Writing
    (Authentic Materials)

    #Bank Information

    (For U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar transfers)
    Beneficiary's Name: National Taiwan University
    Account Number: 154970000010
    Bank Name: Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd. Tai Ta Branch
    Swift Code: HNBKTWTP154
    Bank Address: No.1, Sec.4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan
    (For New Taiwan Dollar transfers)
    Beneficiary’s Name: National Taiwan University
    Account Number: 154360000028
    Bank Name: Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.
    Swift Code: HNBKTWTP
    Bank Address: No.1, Sec.4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan
    (Chinese version for New Taiwan Dollar transfers)
    帳號: 154360000028
    地址: 106台北市羅斯福路四段一號
    (1) Please include applicant name and ICLP in the transfer payment details. The above accounts are shared by all National Taiwan University (NTU) units. Therefore, if NTU is unable to identify which unit or student the transfer is intended for, the payment will not be processed.
    (2) Please ensure that the exact amount is received by ICLP. The remitter is responsible for all bank charges, including the intermediary bank fees. Banks in the United States generally charge US$50 for processing transfers.
    (3) Submit proof of payment (e.g. bank receipt) to ICLP via email or fax as soon as you complete the transfer.  Email:  Fax: +886-2-23626926
    (4) Allow up to 7 business days for the transfer to be received by Hua Nan Bank and for NTU to process the payment.
    (5) ICLP will email confirmation upon receipt of the payment.
  •  #Student Prerequisites
    Flagship students whose speaking ability is at or above the mid-Intermediate level. 

    #Application Requirements
    All required materials listed below should be emailed to ICLP at before February 17, 2017.
    1. Application Form
    2. One digital passport-sized ID photo
      Make sure to send a high-resolution photo. It will be used for making your student ID card.
    3. List of Chinese language courses taken
      Refer to the application form for more information.
    4. Statement of purpose
      Explain in 200 words why you would like to attend ICLP. 
    5. Language skills evaluation form
      To be completed and emailed directly to ICLP by your language instructor
    6. Chinese language proficiency exams and scores
      (if applicable) 
    2017 Flagship Summer Program
    Application Deadline: February 17, 2017

    *Applications for the 2018 Flagship Summer Program will be announced in mid-November.

    To apply for other programs, please visit Academic Year Program or Summer Program.

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