Flagship Summer Program (For Flagship scholarship students only)
2014 Flagship Summer Program
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2014 ICLP Summer Program for Flagship Students2014 NTU-ICLP領航項目學校聯合暑期專班簡章
The program is rigorous, if students wish to travel or go sightseeing, they should plan to do it either before or after the program.

For the last two years, Flagship students have received eight weeks of intensive language instruction as part of ICLP’s summer program and have all found that their spoken, listening, reading and writing abilities have improved by at least one sub-level. This is because ICLP was founded for the purpose of training and developing the oral discursive ability of America’s academic elite. Since ICLP was founded in 1962, 75% of its alumni serve or have served in academia and the other 25% are distributed across legal, business, and government professions, serving as high level executives. It is clear to see that advanced language ability contributes to professional success.

ICLP is situated on the Main Campus of Taipei’s National Taiwan University. National Taiwan University is ranked the number one university in Asia and 87th on world university league tables, and is equipped with ample academic resources. By coming to ICLP to study you can not only greatly improve your Chinese oral expression, but also enjoy Taiwan’s abundant, diverse, and exquisite culture. We have specially formulated a 2014 Summer Course for Flagship students to provide an even better study and living environment. It is as follows:


領航項目學生這兩年來在 ICLP暑期班接受 8週密集訓練,證實了口語表達能力與聽讀寫能力至少各晉階一級,這是因為 ICLP是專為培訓美國學術菁英口語論述能力而設立的。自 1962年創立以來,75%校友在學術界服務, 25%分布於政、法、商界擔任高階主管,顯見,高語言成就等於高事業成就。



ICLP位於台北的國立台灣大學校總區,國立台灣大學校在亞洲大學排名第一,世界大學排名第 87名,有著豐厚的學術資源。到 ICLP來學習,不但口語論述能力精進,而且還能充分享受台灣豐富多元的精緻文化,真可謂一舉兩得。我們特別為領航項目學生規劃2014暑期專班,提供更好的學習與生活條件,如下:

Program Duration: 8 weeks
Instructional hours: 160 hours (4 hours/day)
Two hours of one-on-one class and two hours of group class daily, plus a daily Chinese language tutorial.
Class Location: International Chinese Language Program, National Taiwan University 上課地點:國立台灣大學國際華語研習所。
Proficiency Target: At least one sub-level of progress in each of speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities. 語言能力目標:聽說讀寫能力至少各晉一級。
Credits: to be determined by each institution 學分:由各校自訂。
Language pledge:Students must sign a 24-hour language pledge to speak only Chinese for the duration of the program.  In addition, each suite in the dormitory is assigned a native Chinese-speaking college student, who is a graduate student majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, as a tutor to supervise the Language Pledge. 語言誓約:學生必須簽署學程期間包括課上與課後生活的24小時中文的誓約。此外,每間台大宿舍的套房都配有一位正在研究所主修華語文教學的母語人士學生的中文小老師,負責監督中文誓約。
Housing:Prince House Student Dormitory at National Taiwan University*
Amenities:bed, desk, basic bedding (mattress, blanket and pillow), book shelf, wardrobe, refrigerator, air-conditioner, hot water (available 24 hours), internet access, one electricity card valued NT$1000, and incoming telephone hookups. (flagship only)
Please click here for details.
*Note: Only 12 female and 16 male rooms are available on campus.  The rooms are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.  The period of stay is available from June 6, 2014 to August 31, 2014.  Once the dormitory is full, we will assign off-campus housing to students while additional housing fees may apply and the period of stay will likely be shorter than that for the dormitory.
房間設備:床,簡單寢具 (床墊、棉被、枕頭),書桌,書架,衣櫥,冰箱,冷氣,24小時熱水供應,網路,價值台幣1000元電力卡,電話(僅供接聽外線電話和宿舍內部聯繫)。(領航項目專屬)
*備註: 太子學舍的住宿日期為2014年6月6日至8月15日。因太子學舍僅提供12個女生床位和16個男生床位,故學生總數超過28名後,本所將另外安排校外類似條件的住房,但很可能產生一兩成的額外住宿費用,學生須自行負擔,同時,校外住房的退房日期很有可能早於8月31日。
Student Prerequisites: 28 to 35 Flagship students. Those whose speaking ability is at or above the mid-Intermediate leve.


All required materials listed below should be emailed to ICLP at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it before January 17, 2014.

  • Completed application form (including Personal Information and Academic Information)
  • 1 digital photograph
  • Completed language skills evaluation form (by your Chinese teacher)
  • Chinese language proficiency exams and scores (if applicable)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • 申請表:完整填寫個人資料及學習資料背景表
  • 一張電子檔照片
  • 語言能力評量表(由中文老師填寫)
  • 中文能力測驗等級與成績(如果有)
Application Forms for Flagship Summer Program 20142014領航暑期專班申請表格
Class Types:
Speaking and listening class.
Reading and writing class.
Assessment: daily dictation quizzes, essays, presentations, language tasks, debates, and written exams. 評量:每天課上聽寫、後課篇章寫作、課後任務、課上演講、辯論、學期筆試、期末口頭成果發表、OPI考試與聽力閱讀測驗等。
Teaching Materials: determined on the basis of the student’s language proficiency level. For example, Modern Chinese Conversation, Talks on Chinese Culture etc. The total cost for the textbooks will be approximately $50. 教材:根據學生語言能力等級安排。如:新編會話、中國文化叢談等。
Program Fees and Others:
  • Instructional Cost: US $4,250
     (textbook fee not included) (Students purchase their own textbooks on June 20 when the course schedule is distributed.  Prices for textbooks are listed below in Taiwan Dollar.)
  • On-campus Dormitory: US $1250 plus an additional NT$8800 Security Deposit (returned in full if there is no damage)
  • Deposit: US$600(due on March 14, 2014).
  • 學費:$4,250美金。
  • 住宿費:$1,250美金,押金$8800台幣(在房間完好下,押金如數退還)。
  • 保證金:$600美金(於3/14前繳交)。

Language Level
Spoken Language Text
Reading/Writing Text
Voice Correction Software
Intermediate L
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese II
視華二                  NT$710
Learning Chinese from Jokes
Cold Reading
(Authentic Materials)
Intermediate M
Modern Chinese Conversation
新編會話               NT$600
Chinese Moral Tales
中國寓言                NT$300
Cold Reading
(Authentic Materials)
Intermediate H
Talks on Chinese Culture
中國文化叢談          NT$600
Learning Chinese with Newspaper I
讀報學華語I            NT$320
Cold Reading
(Authentic Materials)
Advanced L
Thought an Society
思想與社會            NT$500
Learning Chinese with Newspaper II
讀報學華語II           NT$370
Cold Reading
(Authentic Materials)

Advanced M

Television News
電視新聞               NT$300
The Independent Reader
從精讀到泛讀           NT$600
Cold Reading
(Authentic Materials)


Important dates


January 17: Application Deadline
All required materials listed below should be emailed to ICLP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Application Form
  • One digital photo
  • Completed language skills evaluation form (by your Chinese teacher)
  • Chinese language proficiency exams and scores (if applicable) Completed application form (including Personal Information and Academic Information)

March 14: Acceptance Confirmation Date by Students; Deposit Due

May 30: Program Fees Balance Due (each student must make payment of a total sum of US $5,500)

June 6~June 8: Arrive Taipei (Taoyuan International Airport); Check into dormitory

June 9 ~June 10: Report to ICLP

June 11~June 12: Placement Test

June 13: Orientation; Campus Tour

June 16~June 19: Lectures; Field Trips

June 20
: Class Schedule Distribution

June 23: First day of classes

August 15: Final Presentation, Exit Exam; Farewell Dinner

Flagship Post Summer Assessments: to be determined

1/17 申請截止日期
址: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • 申請表:完整填寫個人資料及學習資料背景表
  • 一張照片電子檔
  • 語言能力評量表(由中文老師填寫)
  • 中文能力測驗等級與成績(如果有)

3/14 學生確定入學回覆日期;保證金繳交日期

5/30 學費及住宿費用繳交截止日期(共$5,500美金)

6/06~6/08 抵達台北(桃園國際機場)、搬進宿舍

6/09~6/10 ICLP辦公室報到

6/11~6/12 分班測驗

6/13 新生說明會、校園導覽

6/16~6/19 各類學術演講、校外活動

6/20 發放課表

6/23 開課日

8/15 期末口頭成果發表、離校測驗、結業餐會


Class Guidelines

Dos and Don’ts

  1. Students must be on time for class. If you are more than 15 minutes late you must obtain permission from both the chief instructor and your teacher prior to entering the classroom. Please enter the classroom promptly at the start of class and exit when the class is over. If you are late three times this will be considered as a one hour unauthorized absence.
  2. Please don’t do homework in the classroom.
  3. Do not eat during class.
  4. Please turn off cell phones before entering the classroom.
  5. Do not consult dictionaries during class.
  6. Please prepare thoroughly for each class. If for any reason you are unable to complete the set homework or class preparation, you should first ask the teacher if you may audit class that day. In any given semester you are not permitted to audit your class more than three times.

Teacher Advisors
Every student is assigned one teacher as their advisor, if any problems arise during the semester please first go to your advisor and he or she will help you resolve them.

Problem Resolution
While attending classes at ICLP, if there are any problems with your schedule, class materials, or anything else related to study at ICLP, first discuss them with you advisor, then if there is still a problem please discuss it further with the chief instructor.

Upholding the ICLP’s Excellent Study Environment
Please do not talk loudly in the hallways during class time and respect the ICLP library’s quiet policy.


Some Ground Rules for 2014 Chinese Flagship Summer Program Students:

Attendance. This course consists of three sections. In the course of the semester, each student is allowed to be absent from six classroom meetings without incurring loss of point from the full percentage (10%) of the Attendance portion of the final grade. For each unexcused absence after the first six unexcused absences, one point will be subtracted from the full percentage (10%) of the Attendance portion of the final grade. Coming to class more than 5 minutes late three times will be considered as one absence.

Excused and Unexcused Absence. Absence from class with a physician’s note is excused absence and will not result in any deduction of point from the Attendance portion of the final grade. Notification of absence by email or telephone without a physician’s note will not be accepted as excused absence, and will count toward the six unexcused absences, and result in deduction of point from the Attendance portion after the first six unexcused absences are taken.

Permission for Absence.
Since all teachers and the chief instructor will be responsible for determining the Attendance portion of the final grade, students should ask permission for absence from both teachers and the chief instructor. Failure to contact both the lecturer and the recitation leader may result in deduction from the Attendance portion of the final grade.

Grading Policy for Homework. Homework is assigned on a daily basis and should be turned in on time, not before or after the due date. Late homework handed in will not be accepted. Late homework as a result of medical reasons, only when accompanied by a physician’s note, will be accepted as homework finished on time.

Make-Up Tests and Quizzes. All students are expected to take tests and quizzes as they are scheduled. No make-up test or quiz is allowed unless there is a physician’s note to certify that the student cannot take the test or quiz at the scheduled time.


Attendance 10%
Homework: written homework & essays 20%
Vocabulary Quizzes: 20%
Mid-term (Oral): 10%
Mid-term (Written): 10%

Total: 100%

Students are expected to do a great deal of work outside of class in order to maintain the rigorous pace of this curriculum. As a rule of thumb, students should expect to spend an additional 2 hours of personal study, including listening to, repeat audio files at least 5 times, for each hour of class time.
**Please note that before class preparation is critical in this course. The purpose of the class is not to introduce new materials, but rather to further the student’s understanding of the materials which the student has previewed, and then to put those new concepts into practice during the class.**

Three violations of the language pledge will result in 0 credits.

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