Flagship Summer Program 領航班住宿

Taipei Paradise
  • Taipei Paradise
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen-Dining Room
  • Twin Room
  • Door
  • Hot-water heater, washing machine
  • Restroom
  • Twin Beds
  • Restroom
  • Lobby
  • Front Desk
  • Lobby
  • (For Flagship students only; for regular students, please refer to this page.)
    Room assignment will be arranged by ICLP for all Flagship students. 
    Address: No.51 &55, Section 2, Xin Hai Road, Taipei City (intersection of Xin Hai Rd. and Jain Guo Rd.)  

    Property description
    • An imposing deluxe 18-story building with three basement floors designed by renowned architects.
    • The attractive exterior in European style conveys the image of extraordinary dignity.
    • A supreme choice for foreign executives and professionals staying in Taipei.
    • Cathay Life, top one insurance company in Taiwan, holds the property as a single owner providing tenants one-stop services. 
    Area description
    • High level residential area: The adjacent Taiwan University campus is a 27-hectacre land of beautiful scenery and greens. Da-an Forest park (Central Park of Taipei) is also nearby.
    • Good accessibility: To be linked by a comprehensive road system and mass transportation system leading to different part of the city.
    • Muslim friendly area: Two major mosques and some Halal restaurants are close to Taipei Paradise.    
    Price Includes Wi-Fi, furniture, water and electricity
    • Living room:satellite TV, direct dial telephone
    • Bedroom:bed frame, mattress, closet
    • Kitchen:stove, refrigerator
    • Others:washing machine, dryer, internet, balcony  
    Other Facilities
    Aerobic dancing room, gym, comfortable lounge  
    • Cleaning service once a week
    • 24-hour security
    • Central monitor security system
    • Household burglar alarm
    • Smoke alarm, fire sprinkle
    • Emergency lightning
    • Extinguisher 

    Please note
    1. Check-in: 07:00~22:00 daily; Check-out: 09:00~17:00, from Monday to Friday.
    2. Please notify ICLP your arrival and departure times in advance.
    3. Female and male students may be assigned in the same unit.
    4. The size of the bedrooms varies in each unit, ranging from 12 square meters to 15 square meters.
  • All Flagship students will be assigned into twin rooms by ICLP.
    The costs are US$1,500 for the duration of the program (Jun. 4, 2017-Aug. 23, 2017)
    A security deposit of US$300 must be paid in cash upon arrival.

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