• Taipei Paradise 台北麗園

    Taipei Paradise 台北麗園

    2017 Summer Program (Jun. 5, 2017-Aug. 24, 2017): full

  • Prince House, Shuiyuan Dorm 太子學舍水源舍區

    Prince House, Shuiyuan Dorm 太子學舍水源舍區

    2017 Summer Program
    Male: full
    Female: full

    Academic Year Program (Sep. 8, 2016-May 30, 2017)
    Male: Full
    Female: two single rooms, 2017.3.16~2017.5.30

  • Alternative Housing

    Alternative Housing

    ICLP is not able to provide students with housing directly or make hotel arrangements, etc.. ICLP students are liable for finding their own housing during the length of their stay in Taiwan. There are a variety of housing options available in Taiwan...

  • Flagship Summer Program 領航班住宿

    Flagship Summer Program 領航班住宿

    To be arranged by ICLP

    Period of Stay:
    Jun. 4, 2017-Aug. 23, 2017

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